"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

President Abraham Lincoln

It is sad when you are blessed with wonderful mentors and you are too busy or preoccupied to say thank you.
I can think of seven off the top of my head who I’ve done that two. Not intentionally, not meanly but simply because I was too dense to realize just what an important role they were playing in my life and because of their patience and support I was able to succeed.
I really appreciate them and everyone who else who has helped Donna and I over the years.
The seven are names most of you won’t recognize - Bill and Sharon Nesbit, Bob and Suzanne Martinson, Pat and Carl Pullen and Alice Stone top the list because they not only went out of their way to help me when I needed it, often without my knowing it. They were there when I needed them, regardless of my faults and believed in me.
Bill and Sharon Nesbit and Bob and Suzanne Martenson bought a fledgling Mountain Echo from Sally Moyer and Kira Brazo.
They, in turn, had enough faith in my ability - which, beyond refusing to quit, was virtually non-existent. They gave me basic lessons in editorship and newspapering, lent me money on more than one occasion to keep afloat and put up with me - something that few people besides Donna would do.
I always said thank you but failed to tell them how much I appreciated them.
Pat and Carl Pullen, the founders and owners of God Father Bail Bonds had me co-sign on a bail for someone, liked me, knew we were pretty well-living hand to mouth, trained me, gave me a job as a bail bondsman and an adventure that wasn’t as interesting as newspapering, but a lot more of an adrenalin rush.
Alice Stone was one of a kind and what she saw in me I’ll never know.
I was a hands-on person. I didn’t and don’t believe in the “purity” of reporters. I have never figured out why someone who must write with some depth of knowledge should not be involved with what he or she is writing.
Whatever Alice saw in me she wanted cultivated. She was very politically involved and because of that I went to political gatherings, a leadership conference, I got to meet politicians that I never would have if it hadn’t been for Alice.
I’m a moderate conservative, I’m issue-oriented, and don’t mind telling folks what I think. That said, I will not intentionally say or do something in my position with the paper that I learned in confidence.
I’m careful — I don’t knowingly break trusts and I intentionally stay middle of the road or turn it over to someone else. I see no reason others couldn’t do the same. It would sure stop a lot of “crap” from getting into print.
Enough said. Only two are still alive. I wish they all were and while I’m going to tell them, I wish I had said it earlier. They were wonderful.


I have to say I am really struggling with the fact that the holidays are right around the corner. I keep thinking it is still September. The weather has been so nice that it doesn’t feel like November at all. The reality is that I need to get ready to prepare a Thanksgiving Dinner and I don’t have a lot of time!
Each year I have a hard time with how fast the holiday season goes by. I really wish there was more time to enjoy EACH holiday. You have heard this many times I am sure, but back “in the day”, Christmas items didn’t come out until after Thanksgiving. There was actually time between Halloween and Thanksgiving to celebrate the fall and the November holiday. Then we started focusing on Christmas décor, music, gifts and other festivities.
I have to accept that is not the way it is now, but I still wish there was more time to enjoy the season. This year things have really snuck up on me. And as I said, I think it is because we have been having unseasonably nice weather. It is hard to think about Thanksgiving when it feels like you still need to be watering your lawn. Maybe we have a BBQ for Turkey Day!
I hope you all are better prepared than I am. Most importantly, I hope you are ready to take some time and focus on the important things during the holiday season. I am reminding you (and myself) to not stress about all of the details and spend more time making memories with the ones you love!

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