"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

President Abraham Lincoln

Two things.

I did the easiest thing I’ve done in a long-time last Friday, I tore open my vote by mail ballot envelope and voted for Megan Dahle for our State Assembly woman.
She is a lifetime resident of the Intermountain Area. She graduated from local schools. Two of her three children have graduated with honors from Big Valley High School and the other one is still in school there.
She and her husband Brian are working ranchers and farmers. She is a local small business woman having owned and operated the Big Valley Nursery among other things.
She and her husband are avid supporters of rural medical facilities and have proven that at every turn. She has been by her husband’s side in the eight years he was representing the assembly district she is running for. They are conservatives. They spend weekends working their fields. They and their staff are available. They attend local affairs and answer to us.
There were a lot of other reasons for my vote. Putting aside the fact that if you vote for her opponent you are voting to make it even easier for the assembly to continue to pass laws that make it okay, at least not punishable, for people to crap on the sidewalks, which they do regularly in San Francisco. If the poor, downtrodden derelicts can do it in San Francisco, they will eventually be doing it in Burney, Fall River and McArthur.
Voting for her opponent will also make it easier for the legislature to continue passing laws that turn people loose after they get in a fight that ended up with a man stabbed to death. A man who allegedly set fires that could have burned entire towns in the area, allegedly be caught on video breaking out store windows and on and on. They also spend money to mark foot-wide bike lanes on state highways.
Thank you to our liberal legislature, which Megan’s opponent would be welcomed into with open arms. It is something we, as voters definitely don’t need to support.
Enough on that topic.
Let’s take a look at the PG&E debacle.
Last week a PG&E employee got shot at while he was driving his PG&E pickup, on the way to perform his duties, correcting a problem someplace.
The blood sucking attorneys who will end up getting billions of dollars in fees have made it impossible for PG&E to do its job right. If PG&E does business as usual, and wind, a falling tree or whatever causes a fire, there will be billions more in suits. So, they take the cautious approach and shut down the system in areas where there is a possibility of wind blowing trees or tree limbs, whatever, into power lines, which might or might not catch fire, which might or might not spread.
That approach is a pain in the patootie. It has the potential for putting some small businesses, who rely on power, out of business, not to mention putting old folks, handicapped and invalids in peril.
Yes, PG&E has deep pockets, they are very visible and they are very vulnerable.
They have been found guilty in the court of public opinion which is fanned by attorneys who smell money, because the company didn’t have state of the art equipment, on state of the art, brand new, poles, in areas which are difficult to maintain and are vandalized regularly.
Was the problem avoidable, probably not considering current available finances, customers not willing to pay more, personnel and ready cash.
Did something good come out of the lawsuits? Probably, but it has inconvenienced large number of people - people who want blood and vengeance, but don’t want to take the precautions necessary to prevent a disaster. It is a proven fact that we cannot have our cake and eat it too - I’m waiting for the attorneys’ next step, which could well be an embellishment on the “attractive nuisance” law.
PG&E is about drained of money. But in reality, folks if the attorneys get on the “attractive nuisance” bandwagon look at the possibilities.
They could sue the United States Forest Service and large timber holders for maintaining forests - after all, forests have trees in them. Trees are the reason that most wildfires take place.
Give us a break.


The flight home from San Diego was pretty uneventful. It was a great conference. I was tired, so I went to sleep (as I usually do on a plane)! We were just about to land in Reno and the flight attendant came on the speaker to make a special announcement. There was something special going on, she said. Still a little groggy, I wondered what could be so important. She proceeded to say that it was someone’s special day. I began to think that obviously someone else shared an October 11th birthday with me, because who would think to do that to me? Well, that someone did.
The next thing I hear was that “Valerie, in seat 12B was having a birthday.” Yep, I got a little embarrassed. The flight attendant proceeded to instruct everyone to close their window shades and turn on their call light to simulate a virtual birthday cake! Next came a birthday serenade from the entire plane. That was a first!
Who did it? My boss was sitting by me; colleagues from Plumas District and Tahoe Forest were on the plane as well as one of our board members. I really couldn’t figure out who did it. It ended up being the least expected, Laura, our board member who orchestrated the song that made my birthday one to remember!

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