"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

President Abraham Lincoln

After God literally dumped snow on our area as well as much of “Far” northern California I’ll bet that Cal Fire will finally be able to declare the wildfire danger in the area over. I do hope so.
We’ve been without cell phone service for a few days now.
On the one hand I don’t miss it at all. On the other, it is awfully easy to slip and fall. It is also the season for heart attacks, strokes and other illnesses, not to mention flue fires and so forth. It isn’t too cool to not be able to call for help or to check on others you are worried about.
It is almost tempting to go back to the old land line phones. However, we are stuck with Frontier Communications in this area and the service is probably down more than it is up.
There are a lot of State and county roads in the area. All of them are vital to our safety and well being.
Both have done a wonderful job.
Caltrans has kept our roads open even when the Interstate route had to be closed.
The County doesn’t have a whole bunch of money so they haven’t been “Johnny on the spot,” This wasn’t a storm they could zip around in pickups with plows, it took the big guys, the graders with big blades so it took longer. However, they were out there working on Sunday and all. The driver who did Johnson Park was wonderful.
He really went the extra mile doing his best not to plow people in and I, for one, really appreciate him. Thank you!


Gifts can be given each day of the year...not just on Christmas. Gifts don’t have to be tangible or wrapped. We can make Christmas one long, extended gift of ourselves to others. We can give without obligation, announcement, selfishness or reservation. We can simply give with love and joy.

Here are a few ideas...

Mend a quarrel, forgive someone
Find a long lost friend
Write a love note
Forgive an enemy and make peace
Be patient and gentle even when you don’t want to
Express appreciation daily
Laugh with a friend
Keep a promise
Bake for a neighbor
Speak kindly to a stranger
Spend distracted time with a child or teen
Smile, laugh and smile more
Talk a walk with a friend
Call someone just to say hi...no other reason
Write a letter on paper...instead of e-mail
Have ice cream with someone you love
Do the dishes or a household chore without being asked
Encourage one another
Offer to baby sit for a young mother
Be cooperative
We have been given the greatest gift of all time, that is why we celebrate Christmas. We can make a difference and spread joy by giving in return...just as Christ would do.


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