November 13, 2018
Bring Your Appetite to the
Playoffs this Friday

Help raise funds to Fall River’s first Competitive Cheer squad can travel to competitons.

There will be Tacos, Burritos, Nachos on sale at the Friday Playoffs at Fall River High School.

Panchos Tacos is coming to the School. Tacos are $2.25, Burritos and Nachos are $9.75, All of the money earned

Jr. Rodeo Meeting Thursday

The annual general membership meeting will be held on Thursday November 15, 2018 at 6:30 pm in the Intermountain Fair Heritage Room.

Topics will include recapping the 2018 Intermountain Junior Rodeo, election of IMJRA directors and planning for a fun and an exciting 2019.

See you there. Our Association continues to promote the Intermountain

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Cardinals Have a Tough One This Week
BIEBER — A crowd of roughly 100 braved the cold evening November 9 for that round of the Northern Section 8-man football play-off.

The field was dry. Big Valley won the toss and Redding Christian kicked off.

With nine minutes to go in the first Vladimir Rodriquez hit Yamir Moya for a touchdown and the point after kick was good making it Big Valley seven, Redding Christian zero.

Redding Christian’s Jonah Osborne drove across the Big Valley goal with three minutes to go in the first and the kick was good making it seven up.

That quarter ended and the second began. Big Valley loves the starting nine minute in mark and scored their second touchdown at that point in the second, but the kick wasn’t good and the score was at 13 to seven. The ball moved back and forth changing hands several times without anyone scoring again before the half.

Big Valley kicked off after the half and with nine minutest to go in the third Yamir Moya rushed across and Noah Hames ran in for two points to make it 21 to seven,

Three minutes of game time later Redding Christian drove in again to make it 21-13 and kicked the extra point.

Then to put everyone on both sides of the field on the edge of their seats Redding Christian scored with a minute to go before the two minute warning at the end of the second half. They missed what could have been the tying point and the ball went to the Cardinals who were very careful as they ran the game clock out for the 21-20 win.

The Cards will take on Los Molinos in Los Molinos at 6 p.m. this Friday

Number One Bulldogs Looking for Another Win

Undefeated and number one in the Cascade Valley league, the Fall River Bulldogs are coming off a bye which gave them a week to rest, do any healing they needed and hone their already razor sharp skills to add another win this Fr iday when they host the Etna Lions. 

The Bulldogs have a 10-0 record overall, in League they are 8-0 with 6-0 at home and 4-0 away.

The Lions, according to Max Preps is 4-4 in league and 4-7 overall.

They defeated Quincy, 34-14 in D-5 which means the Etna Lions come to Fall River Friday night for the next round of the post season tournament.