But I ain’t one of ‘em. Yep, summer arrived this past week with a vengence, and as much as I promised last winter on freezing days that I wouldn’t complain about summer heat... I’m thinking throwing that promise under the bus. Whew!.... it’s gonna stay hot for quite a spell, so hang on to your hats when you jump in the pool.

For those looking for ways to beat this heat... here are a few ideas. Some are great. Some not so great. Some just plain stupid - but they are definitely options for you to consider.

• Take a plunge into cool, refreshing water - be it lake, stream, pool, pond or bath tub... any old thing that holds water will work. Both the Raymond Berry Intermountain Community Pool in Burney and the Big Valley Community Pool in Bieber are good choices. Myself, I prefer the bath tub where no one can go blind by seeing me in my speedo and suspenders.

• Set a sprinkler in the middle of your lawn, turn it on high and run back and forth through the spray of water... yep, just like ya used to do as a kid. Some words of warning, however - wear flip-flops so not to get stung when you step on a Bee. Put a stop to this idea when you begin to sink up to your knees because of too much water on the lawn... mom gets a tad upset when this happens.

• Open up your refrigerator door... pull up a chair and plunk yerself down in front of this open door. I only suggest this as a laaaaast resort, as I can guarantee you mom’s don’t like this idea at all... but in a pinch, you could do it when she’s not around (don’t you dare throw that plate at me, Mom).

• Buy a block of ice... put on yer swimming suit and plop yer rear down on this block of ice cold ice... It may not cool you off completely, but your rear end will go numb quite rapidly, and you’ll get cooled off running around trying to get feeling back in yer bum.

• Head over to your neighbors house... you know, the one with the really great air conditioning system. Explain that you’d meant to come visit for months, and just got your first free time. Suggest you perhaps should bring a pitcher of iced tea with you since this is the first time you’ve introduced yourself to these neighbors in the six years they’ve lived here.

• As a last resort, you could always hop on a plane, fly to Alaska and pitch a tent on a glacier. Might be a might lonely, and it lacks an outlet for charging your cell phone, but.... at least you’ll be COOL.


The Fall River Lions Community Park got another addition Saturday when the new softball scoreboard was installed just outside Center Field. Besides the scoreboard, the volunteers put in a new infield a couple years ago, and last year put in new bleacher seats. You could get slivers in your behind just looking at the old bleachers.

Chris Cordova and his wife Lacey organized this face lift, with thanks to the following: Lee Carlton and Carlton Enterprises, Fall River Lions Club, Fall River Fire Department, Sierra Pacific, Valley Hardware, Fall River C.S.D. The Ol’ Merc, Tim Mannix, Tom Martin, Ed Siegel, Brain Dahle, Jerry Norris, Alex Johnson, “and all the other volunteers and donors who made it possible.”

During this heat wave, here’s your chance to get some free entertainment and watch some fun slopitch softball games. It’s amazing just how much softball talent there is in the Intermountain Area, but nine teams proves there is a lot.


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Kid-Fit Summer Ends with a Splash of Color
BURNEY - The fifth and final Kid-Fit summer session was held this past Thursday with over 140 youngsters participating in a wild and fun night of activities.

It began with a swim in the Raymond Berry Intermountain Community Pool and ended with a water slide.

It was what was in between that had the kids buzzing.

After cooling off in the pool, it was a run through an obstacle course and a splash down in a pit of muddy water.

Then the youngsters ran through a spray of colored powder followed by more obstacles to run through.

 Road Gypsies Roar into Fairgrounds for Charity

McARTHUR - The annual NorCal Road Gypsies Car Show roared into the Inter-Mountain Fairgrounds here Sunday for their annual Show ‘n Shine.

Proceeds from the show are donated to Intermountain Hospice.

There were vintage and classic cars for every car buffs taste, and a popular raffle.

Modified as well as stock were featured, with every color of the rainbow represented in phenomenal paint jobs

Vintage cars with a modern addition or two fascinated onlookers Sunday at the Fairgrounds.