January 15, 2019
Fall River Boys Run Into Stone Wall

The Fall River Bulldogs fell to the Mount Shasta Bears 54-83 last Friday. They started out sluggishly with an 8-22 first period.

It was 18 to 40 at half and didn’t get any better. They managed to outscore the Bears by three, 20-17 in the third but fell behind even more with a 16 to 26 final quarter.

Jeffrey Kask was high Point man with 22, Dobson had 14., Brian Meeker and Jarom Oilar each had six, Jaron Barrios four and Danny Herringer two.

They play Trinity tonight, Tuesday at Weaverville. The varsity game starts at 8 p.m., JV’s at 5:15.

The Junior Varsity boys lost their match up against Mouint Shasta 54 to 66. They were four points behind, 12 to 16 at the end of the first quarter. and 23 to 29 at the half.

Mount Shasta put on an additional 23 points in the third to the Bulldogs 15, but gave up two points in a 16-14 final period to end the evening at 54 to the Bear’s 66.

Cardinals Varsity Nips Dunsmuir
The Big Valley Cardinal Varsity Boys gave the fans who made it to Dunsmuir their money’s worth, nipping the Tigers 46 to 44.

Yamir Moya was high point man for Big Valley with 19 and one free throw.while Cooper Albaugh walked away with the Big Valley Player of the game with 10 points, including a free throw and also added a three pointer.

J. Wheeler had eight points including two three pointers. Noah Hames four, Kyle Hurd three and Jason Collins two.

In Junior varsity action Kendell Gerig had the January Cardinal Player of the Game honor with a whopping 22 p;oints and two three pointers. Arenis Moya had 19 points two three p;oin baskets and three free throws. Riley Mitchell had 13 p;oints including two three point baskets and Efrain Barba put away two points.

The Cardinals will take on Butte Valley at home tonight, Tuesday starting 4:30 p.m.

Raider Girls Fall to Modoc Braves
BURNEY — The Burney Raider Varsity Girls fell to the Modoc Braves last Thursday at home by 30 points.

The Braves kept the Raiders to single digets for each of the four quarters, 15-8, 9-5, 9-14 and 21-7. for the 59-29 lopsided win.

Kylie Teran was high pointer with eight, including a 3 point basket, five three throws, thre3e rebounds an assist and a steal.

Ava Belino, Ashley Davies, and Marcela Cruz had six, Francie Ferguson picked up two points and Gracie Shaeffer one.

Belino had four rebounds and two assists and two steals. Johnson had two bebournds, Shaffer one free throw and three rebounds, Davies two free throws and seven rebounds. Ferguson had two brebounds and cruz, two.

The Raiders take on Los Molinos at home 6 p.m. tonight, tuesday at home. They took Los Molinos at home in their last match up December 1, 47-36.



Raiders Split Games

The Burney Varsity boys came off an overtime thriller 52-48 over the Mercy Warriors January 8 to be staked over an ant hill by the Modoc Braves 46-75 Thursday, January 10.

In the Mercy game Coach Jed Tate says, “I put this one into overtime. We were up six and I should have called a time out and talked about end game strategy, but the fellows had done such a good job for 31 1/2 minutes, I didn’t call it.”

In the game against Modoc, they came out gunning, racking up 28 to the Raider’s 10 in the first quarter and going to the locker room at the half 42 to Burney’s 27. They held the Raiders to seven points in the third while putting away 21. Both tied at 12 in the fourth.

In the game against Mercy Jesse Lopez was the high point man with 14 followed by Skylar Ragsdale with 13. Hayden Lewis, David Nelson and Levi Perkins each hit for four while Powers and Bishop picked up one.

Lopez had the only Raider three pointer. Ragsdale had three free throws, Lewis two and both Lopez and Powers one.

Lopez was the man to watch throughout picking up high marks in all six categories, with six total rebounds, six steals and five assists to cap off his effort.

Chris Semer, Perkins and Tairin Daum each picked up four rebounds. Wyatt Colledge, Ragsdale, Powers, Nelson, Lewis and and Justin Wheeler each got two.

Lopez earned five assists, Daum two and Ragsdale, Perkins, Nelson and Lewis one.

Loopez, Daum and Perkins racked up five steals. Bishop had three, Ragsdale two, and Colledge, Perkins, Nelson, Wheeler and Lewis each had one.

The Raiders take on Los Molinos tonight, Tuesday, with JV action at 4:30, Varsity at 7 p.m. at home. In

Junior Varisty action at Mercy by quarter Mercy had 9-20-8-2 for 39 and Burney was 13-21-6-8 for 48 and the win. Heath Johnson had a double- double, 15 points, 12 rebounds and Connor Pfadt had 11 pts. (“It) was a good game. good defensive rotations, and we limited turnovers” Coach Jed Tate says.

Against Modoc on the 10th, Modoc had 19-11-26-18 for a total of 76 to Burney’s 12-14-7-6 for 34 and a loss. Coach Jed Tate explained that Heath Johnson had 15 points and Langston Tate had 11.

F. R. Girls Take Mt. Shasta Bears

 The Fall River Varsity Girls took the Mount Shasta Bears 46-38 last Friday. It was a good game. The Bulldogs were ahead by two, 10-8 at the end of the first and stayed ahead, with a healthier 23 to 18 at the half.

The third was even with 13 up and the Bulldogs polished it off with a 10-7 fourth for the win.

Trinity Markham was high point lady with 13. Marissa Leighton was right behind her with 12. Myah Gallion snatched six. Alexis Easley picked up four and Natalie Osborne rounded it out with three. Myah Gallion had two three pointers.

Bucher and Pevehouse each had two free throws, Osborne had one and Leighton led with six.

Bucher had seven rebounds for the lead there. Markham was right behind her with six. Both Pevehouse and Leighton had four, and Gallion and Easley had one.

Osborne had three assists, Markham two, and Gallion, Bucher and Pevehouse one.

Pevehouse had six steals. Osborne had two, and Gallion, Easley, Bucher and Pevehouse one. The Junior Varsity won handily 56-19. They came out hard taking the first quarter 14-6 and going to the locker room with a 20 to 11 lead. Then they allowed four points in both the third and fourth while picking up 22-14 in t he same periods for the 56 to 19 win.