December 4, 2018
Fall River Has a Rough Week
The Fall River Varsity girl’s team had a rough week, last week.

They fell to both Enterprise and the U Prep.

The box score for the U Prep game was:

U Prep 19 17 13 5...54
Bulldogs 9 10 10 9...38

Marrisa Leighton was high with 11 points, Trinity Markham had nine.

Leighton was 5-for 6 in free throw attempts.

In the Enterprise game

Enterprise 20 26 15 7..68
Bulldogs 13 10 5 5..35

Leighton and Natalie Osborne each scored eight points.

Myah Gallion had four free throws.

The Bulldogs take on Redding Christian December 11 in Fall River at 4 p.m.

Both Enterprise and U Prop stopped the Bulldog JV’s.on the 27th, Enterprise held on to a tight lead to down the Dawgs 46-43 and U Prep did the same taking a two pointer 42-40.

The 2018 Block F Varsity Champions. The American Christian Academy Eagles defeated Fall River, Loyalton, and Modoc for a perfect tourney record going for the crown.

After having a pretty easy go of it, taking Maxwell 50-21 and Loyalton 64-25 Royce Knoch and his teammates had a fight on their hands, but they persevered downing the Braves 38-32 for the Championship.