And you can probably hear the Intermountain Area kids whining about now, as school starts in the Fall River Joint Unified School District Wednesday of this week. Time to once again ‘hit the books.’

When it comes to high school sports, players already feel like school has started, as they’ve been hitting the practice fields and gyms for a couple of weeks already, getting prepared to open the 2017 fall campaigns very soon.

Along with coaches who’ve returned to drill players, a legion of volunteers are already busy planning and gathering other volunteers to man everything necessary to put on a prep sporting event... and trust me - it takes a ton of people willing to put in the time to do everything from sell tickets, to manning the concession stand to keeping accurate scorebooks, to manning volleyball line judging jobs to cooking food for team dinners. Yep, it takes a village to support high school athletics.

Besides all these volunteers, you have a large contingent of local merchants willing to dole out money and/or merchandise for various fund raising events for athletes... as well as for all the many school clubs. Just because the merchant has items for sale doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost them money to make merchandise donations to a fund raising effort - it’s money directly out of their wallets and purses.

If you are a returning prep athlete in 2017, you already understand how many people it takes to put on “your show”... or at least you should if you’ve paid the least bit of attention.

So here’s my challenge to all the Intermountain Area high school sports teams for the 2017-18 school year:

Make this the year you as individual athletes and as prep teams representing your school to say, “Thank You’ to the volunteers and merchants who’ve helped you beyond measure!

I’d like to see each sports team take a game to honor the volunteers and another to ‘thank’ the merchants of the Intermountain Area. Perhaps you could single out a different volunteer EACH game to honor - awarding them a special place to sit in the bleachers and give them ‘dinner’ from the concession stand. We all know there are plenty of volunteers to honor over a given season, so you shouldn’t run out of people to say “Thank You” to and honor.

Then there are the local organizations who raise money for your athletic teams as well as sponsoring school clubs and who honor various student achievements during the school year. Another night could be put aside to honor an organization by sending them an invitation to attend a particular game for them to be honored in front of your fans... there’s really not a limit on who you - as prep athletes and teams - should be reaching out to say, “THANKS!”

I agree all this will take extra planning and work on your part... but then think of all the extra planning and work put in by these many volunteers, merchants and organizations that allows you to have fun playing games you enjoy. Without all these people and groups, your games would be dull, if not impossible to even happen.

And finally, a word to local members of the various communities in the Intermountain Area... get out and support your school by attending the many sporting events on tap... Our area athletes work darn hard to put the best team possible on the field/ court, and deserve all of our support.

So here’s to the beginning of yet another school year... study hard, but have fun at the same time!

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Three-Way Tie for 2nd in Intermountain Co-Ed

FALL RIVER MILLS - The Sluggers continued to out slug their opponents here Thursday night to remain unbeaten in Intermountain Co-Ed softball action with a 6-4 win over the Brew Crew.

KROOR downed Fall River Real Estate, 9-7 while Team 501 defeated the Hospital Hitters, 12-1.

(August 17) 6:30pm: Hospital Hitters v. The Sluggers 7:30pm: Fall River Real Estate v. Brew Crew

8:30pm: KROOR v. Team 501
The games are played at the Lion’s Community Park here, and are open to the public at no charge.

A concession stand is in operation nightly.

A Little Soccer Action

 With the Intermountain Youth Soccer League set to begin September 16, a few youngsters got in some time with the soccer ball this past week at the Fall River Lion’s Community Park. Soccer is an up and coming sport in the US, and is also becoming very popular with Intermountain Area youngsters..