"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

President Abraham Lincoln
I’d love to have been able to attend and cover every one of the Veterans Day ceremonies, preparations, lunches and the good will that went with all. But there is only one of me and even if I’d been able to actually be everywhere at once I’d be so fat by not that I wouldn’t be able to move.

The Soroptimists served a wonderful lunch in Burney and I know the Cattlemen and Women had an outstanding one in Adin.

The and esprit De corps of the veterans and patriotism and love of the communities was very moving.

As a veteran I was very moved. Thank You!

Now all we have to do is get ready for Thanksgiving and all the food and goodwill that will come from it.

Love the Intermountain Area and folks in it.

It matters, it really does...how you treat others and how you act. A smile, laugh or little silliness goes a long way. I genuinely try to live by the “Golden Rule”. When the kids were growing up, that’s what we always tried to teach them “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In other words, treat others the way you want to be treated.

The kids have a lifetime friend that heard me say that a lot. He would say, “Val, you are making that up.” I would tell him, “No, I’m not making it up, they are some great words to live by and actually it is in the Bible, Matthew 7:12.” He heard it referenced one day and finally believed I wasn’t making it up.

These words mean a lot to me. It really does matter how we treat people and how we portray ourselves. How many times do we have the opportunity to give a smile or kind word to someone and we just don’t. In our small town we wave at everyone that drives by. In fact, we know if someone is from out of town if they don’t wave back. We say hi in the grocery store and tell jokes at the bank.

I tell my kids that what they do and how they act can have an effect on someone’s else’s situation. The thing is, we don’t know what point someone else is at in their life. We don’t know what their situation is. Our smile or kind word can make a big difference in their day, just as harsh words or actions can make their situation worse.

I challenge us all to smile a little more often at people we don’t know, share kind words and take some extra time with the people around us, do something nice - just because...It Matters.
Thank You
To our family, friends, and many supporters:

You have truly touched our hearts with your love, friendship, offers of help and assistance, and the generous support you showed at the Benefit Dinner held for Mike at Dr. Dahle’s home in September.

It was a wonderful occasion hosted By Doc with delicious food prepared by Tammy and Tim Babcock and their crew from Big Valley Market. You guys are amazing! Thank you to all who brought desserts.

We deeply appreciate each and every contribution and your prayers and good wishes. Your outpouring of love and support has provided us with enormous comfort, relief, and strength.

We are completely overwhelmed by the friendship and generosity you have shown us in this difficult time.

Please keep us in your prayers.

With our love and heartfelt thanks,
Mike and Cindy Schroeder


Thank You
A special thanks to everyone who visited and called Harold in his last days. He loved and appreciated each and every one of you. There is nothing like wonderful friends and family. A special thanks to Joe, Rod, Larry, Jim, Cliff and Bill for your help. We couldn’t have done it without you guys. Also a special thanks to Dr Dahle and the nurses at Mayers Memorial Hospital.

Love to the wonderful people of our great community.

Sincerely, Leah, Bob & Lori Cessna
(Grandchildren) Heidi, Ryan, Stacey & Travis





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