"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

President Abraham Lincoln

I had really hoped that I would be writing an editorial that would say “Lynn was found.”

Unfortunately that’s not the case. I’m getting a lot of feedback that people are unhappy that the Sheriff’s Department won’t include them in their search effort and have, instead, told them anything they did had to be their own effort.

Right up front - they have to be that way.

The old days when everyone turned out instantly, checking in with the authorities or not checking in, but searching as a part of the official search party ended when untrained, unorganized civilians like you and I twisted our ankle, broke our leg and sued the County, or went out and got lost and forced another search effort to start.

Thank the Attorneys and folks that use them.

Don’t get down on the sheriff’s Department.


As a kid I could never jump out of a swing...all of my friends could. I was too scared. I would tell myself, “okay, on the count of 3, I will jump.” One, two, three...I am still in the swing!

I was talking to my daughter in law the other day on the phone. She is about 3 weeks from her due date for their first baby. She told me that it is a good thing the baby decides it needs to come out on its own, because if she had to decide it was time, she didn’t know if she could do it. I asked her, “you mean like jumping out of a swing on the count of three and still being in the swing after the count?” Exactly! She said!

It is their first baby and she is a little nervous. She is a tiny young lady and she is definitely all baby right now. She is excited and ready because she doesn’t really have room for any more baby…but she is nervous and a little scared of the unknown.

t made me think back to having our kids. She is right, when the baby is ready you don’t really have a choice. You can’t chicken out on the “3 count.” She has heard stories from everyone, so I have tried to be cautious with my stories. Really, the only story I have is that I had one baby and still had another.

I remember someone telling me that once you have the baby and hold it, you forget everything you just went through. I have to say for me, that was absolutely true. I remember it wasn’t exactly fun having a baby, but the gift at the end made everything worth it.

We are very excited to welcome our granddaughter in a few short weeks. The plane tickets are purchased and we are ready to go help in anyway we can. We are ready for a great adventure. As for our sweet daughter in law, she is counting down the days and I am sure she will be ready to jump out of the swing when it is time.

Thank You!
To our Intermountain community

I am, at a loss as to where I should start this letter.

I lost my home on April 13, 2018 and everything that was in it. The one thing I did not lose was my life.

I am so blessed to live in a community where our neighbors and first responders are there to help you in any situation that may arise.

This devastation that has happened to e could have been much worse if it had not been for all the voluneer firefighters and CDF who risked their lives to save my home and the surrounding properties.

I am so grateful that with their determination, bravery, and their strong will to fight this fire, it did not spread.

 It takes a very special kind of person to perform these kinds of duties, and we in the Intermountain Area have been so blessed to have them here.

If only I could put on paper what my and my family feel from the heart, it would make this letter so much easier.

There are just no words that can say “Thank You” enough.
Thank You
Chris Dunlap and Family


Thank You
The Adin Chamber would like to thank the following people for their help and financial supporrt on our inside painting project; Peter Osterhaus, Jean Breakfield, Adin Volunteer Fire Department, Corky Saltzman, Nick Von Flue, Gloria Massotti, Karen Babcock, John and Sheila Conner, Keith and Barb Bryan, Julie Gagnon, Becky Albaugh, Loyd Cantrall, Dan Summers and Bryon Dodgen. An extra special Thanks to the following: Kristi Dodgen, for managing and clenaing the Adin Community Hall; Paul Lodas, for the numerous things he has helped with including paint prep; and John Shoaf for doing such a great job on the painting.

These people stepped up to the plate to help and the Community has benefited. The Hall looks great.

Thanks again!
Adin Chamber


I'm Mad as Hell!Shop Locally
I’m mad as Hell ! Aren’t you? So why isn’t our California Governor Brown, and/or the Lt. Governor of California, and/or the Attorney General of California, and the Mayor of Oakland, California behind bars! What’s with our State’s DOUBLE STANDARD! I’m offended and embarrassed living in a state where “illegal” offenders can seek sanctuary and get it. Those who offer sanctuary are BREAKING THE LAW! Those who advocate sanctuary for “illegal” offenders are also BREAKING THE LAW? And worse, those who warn “illegal” offenders are not only BREAKING THE LAW, but put our peace officers at risk when they do their job to uphold the law?

As a retiree of the California Department of Corrections, I’ve worked among prisoners, some just plain stupid, to some of the most cunning and violent offenders, whom I’m happy to say are secured in prison and away from society. However, if any of these prisoners escape and I agree to help them by offering sanctuary, you can bet, I would not only be OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE but I would also be BREAKING THE LAW and subject to prompt arrest!!

So, what can we do about this? Some may advocate, ‘Well, if you don’t like what’s happening in our state, move out of California.’ HA? This is my home. I’ve been here longer than the aforementioned politicians, and I’m not a quitter. I’m staying and fighting. Others may advocate, ‘We could vote them out at the next election.’ That’s a given as far as I’m concerned, but who wants to wait. Why not impeach these rascals before more harm to our state is incurred. We are already looking at federal restrictions of funds, federal lawsuits, and further negligence by those in power at the state level for blatant disregard of laws on the federal level. Federal laws were put into place to protect the people of the United States of America. Since when has California seceded? Do we still have a voice in our state?!
Gwenn Rickman


Guns Don't Kill People
Guns don’t kill people - People kill people Unless we ban all guns from the face of the earth (a ridiculous idea, of course) those who wish to acquire one in order to commit a crime will do so. Buy one? Sure, on the black market (no gun laws there as far as I know. Or steal one (no gun laws apply there either).

My point being, say a 16-year-old wants to shoot up his school, and then he remembers the law says he can’t purchase a gun til he’s 21. Do you really think that would stop him from acquiring a gun somehow and carrying out his plans? Not!

This letter is in response to the students everywhere who are protesting against all the gun violence (specifically the school shootings), and the lack of stricter gun laws. Just one question for you: How many of you have befriended an outcast in your school? AKA, loner? not your equal economically, socially Maybe you’ve even been a party of bullying or ridiuling. Get my drift? No? Then add paragraphs 1,2,3 and 4 and you will.
Alice J. Conleyn






Senator Barbara Boxer
1700 Montgomery St. St 240,

San Francisco, CA 94111


Senator Dianne Feinstein
One Post St. Ste 2450
San Francisco, CA 94104

Rep John Doolittle

4230 Douglas Blvd, Ste 200

Granite Bay, CA 95746


Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa
2865 Churn Creek Rd. Ste. B
Redding, CA 96002

Senator Sam Aanestad

777 Cypress Ave.

Redding, CA 96001

Rep Wally Herger
55 Independence Cir, Ste 104,
Chico, CA 95973

 Supervisor Brian Dahle

Supervisor Dave Bradshaw
155 Co. Rd. 90



Supervisor Glenn Hawes
1815 Yuba Street

Redding, CA 96001