"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

President Abraham Lincoln

Here it is - the dreaded Monday morning deadline and I still don’t have an editorial... I want you to know that it isn’t my fault! It is my wife Donna’s.

In the 50++ years we’ve been married Donna has often worked overtime at driving me nuts. But it hasn’t really interfered with my editorial writing. I’m proud to admit that I’m ornery enough and opinionated enough that I can create a scathing editorial piece at the drop of a hat.

However, recently, Donna has become addicted to Oooshy gooshey movies on the Hallmark Channel. You know the channel - the one where there isn’t any swearing and the guys and the gals find a reason to kiss on the average of every 30 seconds - when they aren’t trying to thicken the plot by temporarily being mad at each other. Anyway, this morning I had finished almost everything but the editorial. I was kinda at a loss at what I wanted to be mad about this week so I plopped down with her in front of the television.

Bad mistake. There were these small children, all properly terrorized by a mean government agent all dressed in black with a shoulder holster he kept dipping into and bringing out a pistol that would make Clint Eastwood proud.

He had St. Nick who was wearing civilian clothes in handcuffs. He nor his SWAT team were buying the Night before Christmas story and kept accusing Santa of smuggling toys..

When that finally ended with the bad guy crying on the floor talking to a brown and white EverReady bunny that kept hopping up to him for love, I got nailed by a gorgeous young thing that had been friends with Michelangelo and was going to bring Christmas back to this small town where the fire department was all volunteer and the mill had closed a few years ago causing Christmas Spirit to dwindle.

Thank goodness I had to tear myself away from the mesmerizing television and come to the office. Unfortunately I still don’t have a real editorial other than it’s all Donna’s fault -- and I’m sticking to it!


It is December. I love this month because I love Christmas. What I don’t like is how fast the month goes. There are always so many things I want to do and not enough days to do them. I always wish we could slow down time when it comes to the Holiday season. Figuring out what to do and what to pass on is a challenge for me. I read some great advice - Keep the best and eliminate the rest! A great slogan for the holidays. Have you ever tried to do too much only to find you don’t get any of it done the way you wanted? How about the man that wanted to keep up with his neighbor and have more lights on his house. He worked so hard clear up to Christmas day and ran out of time to complete his plan. Instead of “Noel” spelled out on his roof...it said “NO.”

This is the advice I am trying to live by: If you feel overwhelmed by the many things on your to-do list...look it over again. What things really focus on family, friends and holiday fellowship? Instead of thinking you have to do it all... resulting in an overtired, unhappy person who feels like they missed the joy of the season...Focus on the important things that make a difference in your family.

Here’s a few tips to reduce holiday stress...

-Everyday make it a point to give someone a holiday hug or a friendly smile

-Schedule a small block of quiet time for yourself, even if it is only a few minutes.

-Don’t be afraid to say no

-Pray, fellowship, sing praise and rejoice the spirit and meaning of the season

-Take a walk

-Enjoy special moments with those you love

Most importantly, pick a few things you really want to do and make time to do them! For me, I am determined to finally, for the first time in my life, complete a gingerbread house. It will be a kit, but it will be a gingerbread house!

Here’s wishing you an amazing month of December, filled with love, happiness and joy!
Thank You
Thank you to a wonderful community for your generosity, support and prayers! The funds raised through the Bingo Night, Go-Fund me and private dI would like to say thank you to all of my clients, firends and family who have been there for me during this tough time. The kind words and encouragement you have shown these past few months during the care and passing of my dad, have been remarkable! I could never have done it without you all, the hospice team and Tiffany, you are amazing!

Thanks for all the cards, flowers, food, prayers and hugs! This community is so awesome. I would also like to say thanks for all the thoughts and prayers and support you have given my brothers who both last their homes in Paradise. It has been a tough few weeks, but we will remain strong! God

Bless you all!

Love, Cheryl Hiller (Husa


Behavior Not Acceptable

Editor: We appreciate your editorials, especially with regards to the Dr. & Mrs. Bill Brown shocking, scary situation. Whether its 1900 or 2018 this Sheriff Bosenko needs to stand up at the plate. To have this kind of behavior in our communities is not acceptable. Even in this crazy world we’re all experiencing, we should feel safe--at least in our homes. I don’t know what it will take, but some action should be pursued. Who is the sheriff’s superior or boss?
Sincerely, Frances and Breen Hofmann

Editor’s note: Unfortunately the sheriff is, for all practical purposes, his own boss. The Board of Supervisors can rein him in by cutting his budget - which of course can and will hurt his staff. But the reality of the situation is, that if he “can’t” or won’t put an emphasis on good law enforcement then why are we paying good money for a service we aren’t getting. Other counties facing the same situations don’t hide their struggles to do what is right by refusing to post the publics law enforcement requests for service from the public they serve by doing away with their public logs. I don’t want to see his staff suffer and in reality, it won’t be us who makes them suffer. It will be the Sheriff if he refuses to obey the law. Remember he’ll continue to draw his six-figure salary whether he has operating money or not.
Walt Caldwell


Totally Disgusted
I agree with your article and just had to let you know it!! I’m totally disgusted, Monday evening I got a ticket, a cell phone ticket!! On the ticket it reads the location as Hwy 299 & Roff. I was pulled over across from Gephettos. My frustration is in the fact that the officer assumed I was on my cell phone because (his words were) “[I] was looking down too long”!! At no time from the point that I left McDonald’s until the traffic light in front of Dollar General was I on my cell phone!! I had just bought a soda, was putting the straw in, also opened a snack size bag of chips, and broke a finger nail!!! By the time I was at the light, the light was red and then I picked up my phone, but as soon as it turned green I chucked it into the passenger seat. This is when he pulled me over. Then he proceeded to tell me not to worry that it wouldn’t go to DMV and it wouldn’t affect my insurance, but “oh ya, of course there’s going to be a fine”…..

If they would put that much effort into “harassing” the thugs on the streets, in the woods, stealing from Safeway, doing drugs next to Dollar General, robbing people in JP, dealing drugs…. ya, I think Burney would be a nicer place again.

The problem with harassing those people is – there’s no money in it. They are getting the money from us by assuming we are going to do something that warrant giving tickets. Must be quota season…… Destiny Taveras


Thank You
We are humbled by the response of the community and all the local and district services that came in to look for Lyn, and those who provided food, so we would eat. It was amazing. We are grateful to have had you all here. Know you made a difference. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.
The Lyn Palmer Family.





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