"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

President Abraham Lincoln

It has been an extremely interesting week. Lots of things were going on. At one point I had at last two things to do an editorial on. At the moment I’m down to one. It is the same thing I editorialized on in 2011 - bullying.

We’ve all been bullied and it may seem trivial, but it isn’t. It can last a lifetime like it did with me. Or it can cause someone to take their life like it has others. It ain’t trivial folks. It is extremely dangerous and can escalate to the point of no return.

When I did the series of articles on bullying in 2011 I had several documented cases where it turned to tragedy and I thought things had settled down. Both the victims and the perpetrators have long since left Burney High School and settled down. I’m glad.

I’m equally certain that the victims will remember the incidents and while it probably will be like my jurnior high school experiences just be an unpleasant memory. We are the lucky ones.

Just because a “huge” kid, twice my size took a disliking to me and started confronting and spitting in my face, doesn’t mean I have nightmares. But I hold a hatred for that guy that will always be with me. I could do without that.

It happens to both boys and girls, but is more noticable with the girls, probably because the victims are more easily intimidated and hurt emotionally than the boys - I don’t know. Neither should be condoned or allowed.

The attitude that boys will be boys or kids will be kids, or its just a kid thing as long as they don’t hospitalize someone... is a crock of crap and shouldn’t be tolerated. Nor should the adults who have those attitudes.


What I really should have been doing over the weekend was bookwork and tax preparation. Not to mention the weather was beautiful and I should have been doing something outside. Instead I was in one of the “moods” when I wanted to tackle household projects. These moods don’t come very often, so when they do I try to get as much done as I possibly can. I don’t want to stop for anything else, so hopefully when these moods hit there are leftovers in the fridge or Julio’s is open!

The list was long this time and I didn’t get it all done, but I did make a dent. Saturday included stripping off old wallpaper and out-dated “duck border” and painting the TV Room. Thankfully the wallpaper decided to come off easy. (A new tip from Pinterest helped!)

As we know, one project always leads to another. I moved into the hallway where there are inset cabinets and a countertop (which was always covered with stuff!). The cabinets had not been cleaned in over 20 years, so it was a trip down memory lane. I filled 4 trash cans and the trunk of my car with items to donate.

I was thrilled to get it cleaned and gain more space and organize the area. I was even more thrilled with some of the things I found. There were drawings from the kids, handmade cards, loads of pictures, happy meal toys, favorite old cassettes, home recorded VHS movies and the 4 wooden spoons the kids hid from us. (Yes, there were occasions when they needed the wooden spoon. Funny thing is, the spoons kept disappearing.)

It was a good productive weekend, but it was also a great reminder of some great memories. I wonder what will come next?
Thank You
The Burney Fire District and its Auxiliary want to thank all of you who so generously donated money, toys, and time to this year’s Santa’s Workshop. The children were once again delighted to receive their gifts from Santa and Mrs. Claus.

We would like to recognize those businesses and individuals who once again helped to make this year’s toy drive a success by their contributions: American Legion, Burney 4H, Burney Soroptimists, Dollar General of Fall River Mills, Farrell Family, Gepetto’s Pizza, Lindgren Family, Mountain Cruisers, Mt. Echo, Safeway, Sickler Family, Tri Counties Bank, US Bank, Lois White, and the Secret Santa’s that wish to remain anonymous.

Many thanks to our Santa’s Workshop elves who helped to make this year’s event successful by donating their time and talents, decorating, sorting gifts, and so much more. A very special thank you to Daryl & Gayla Conover, the Golczynski Family, Joyce On, Maddie Adkins, and the Burney Fire District employees who helped pull it all together!
Burney Fire Protection District


Behavior Not Acceptable

Editor: We appreciate your editorials, especially with regards to the Dr. & Mrs. Bill Brown shocking, scary situation. Whether its 1900 or 2018 this Sheriff Bosenko needs to stand up at the plate. To have this kind of behavior in our communities is not acceptable. Even in this crazy world we’re all experiencing, we should feel safe--at least in our homes. I don’t know what it will take, but some action should be pursued. Who is the sheriff’s superior or boss?
Sincerely, Frances and Breen Hofmann

Editor’s note: Unfortunately the sheriff is, for all practical purposes, his own boss. The Board of Supervisors can rein him in by cutting his budget - which of course can and will hurt his staff. But the reality of the situation is, that if he “can’t” or won’t put an emphasis on good law enforcement then why are we paying good money for a service we aren’t getting. Other counties facing the same situations don’t hide their struggles to do what is right by refusing to post the publics law enforcement requests for service from the public they serve by doing away with their public logs. I don’t want to see his staff suffer and in reality, it won’t be us who makes them suffer. It will be the Sheriff if he refuses to obey the law. Remember he’ll continue to draw his six-figure salary whether he has operating money or not.
Walt Caldwell


Totally Disgusted
I agree with your article and just had to let you know it!! I’m totally disgusted, Monday evening I got a ticket, a cell phone ticket!! On the ticket it reads the location as Hwy 299 & Roff. I was pulled over across from Gephettos. My frustration is in the fact that the officer assumed I was on my cell phone because (his words were) “[I] was looking down too long”!! At no time from the point that I left McDonald’s until the traffic light in front of Dollar General was I on my cell phone!! I had just bought a soda, was putting the straw in, also opened a snack size bag of chips, and broke a finger nail!!! By the time I was at the light, the light was red and then I picked up my phone, but as soon as it turned green I chucked it into the passenger seat. This is when he pulled me over. Then he proceeded to tell me not to worry that it wouldn’t go to DMV and it wouldn’t affect my insurance, but “oh ya, of course there’s going to be a fine”…..

If they would put that much effort into “harassing” the thugs on the streets, in the woods, stealing from Safeway, doing drugs next to Dollar General, robbing people in JP, dealing drugs…. ya, I think Burney would be a nicer place again.

The problem with harassing those people is – there’s no money in it. They are getting the money from us by assuming we are going to do something that warrant giving tickets. Must be quota season…… Destiny Taveras


Thank You
We are humbled by the response of the community and all the local and district services that came in to look for Lyn, and those who provided food, so we would eat. It was amazing. We are grateful to have had you all here. Know you made a difference. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.
The Lyn Palmer Family.





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