"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

President Abraham Lincoln

 I could write about politics but I’m really not in the mood.

I could write something sweet and nice, but I’m truly not in the sweet and nice mood.

I could leave this space blank but that would look like I’m lazy.

I would write about what I really want to write about but it might be misinterpreted.

It would undoubtedly get me hung in effigy even if I didn’t deserve it.

Then, on the other hand, now that I’ve got your curiosity up, I can leave you guessing as to what I’d love to editorialize.

Have a great week! (I think Walter needs a Snickers bar--Elizabeth Reynolds)


Don’t miss the minutes on your way to bigger things.” This is a line from a song that I really like, “Dream Small.” It talks about the little things in life. Every time I hear it, I am reminded that I need to stop and smell the roses! How often do we get focused on the big picture, our goal, our lifelong dream and forget to stop and appreciate what is going on in the here and now?

Going along with this thought, I saw this the other day: “Beware of destination addiction, a preoccupation with the idea that happiness is in the next place, the next job, and with the next partner. Until you give up the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are.”

There are so many simple things in life, moments each day that are amazing. Do you see them or are you looking to tomorrow already? Life should not be a sprint, it should be a marathon. Each little moment will make up a lifetime of memories.

I am as guilty as most. I get so busy thinking about what is to come, that I forget to enjoy “what is.”

I challenge you this week to enjoy the minutes, be happy in the now and pace yourself in your life’s marathon! Have a blessed week!

A Lesson Learned

I would like to share with you a lesson I learned about prejudging on the basis of color.

Let me explain: awhile back we needed to hire help for a five day, long hour, tough, dirty job. Four young men showed up to find out what the job entailed. I made up my mind, on the spot, that one of the four most likely wouldn’t work out but we needed them all, so they were all hired.

On the first day of work, I noticed that the one that I had doubts about preferred working alone, rather than getting help from the others. I also noticed that he was working hard and doing a great job! Later on that first day while talking to him I found out that he hadn’t eaten anything all day and he had a bad headache (although that hadn’t slowed him down) Colleen secured him aspirin and I got him something to eat and he was back to work.

At quiting time that night (ll p.m.) he didn’t have a ride home so I dropped him off at his house. I went back to the job and was more than a bit surprised when he showed up sweating and exhausted an hour-and-a-half later. He had inadvertently taken home the keys to a piece of equipment he had been using and was worried we might need them. He had run all the way from Fall River to the fairgrounds, four miles! Ethics and integrity, two words that fit hand in hand with this kid.

This is the kid that I had prejudged, the one who opened my eyes and taught me a lesson. Never judge a man by the color of his hair. Thank you Chris, you are that and more!

Finally I would like to thank the very generous board members who also took note of Chris’ efforts and threw in to make things better for him. You know who you are. I was elected to be the delivery man and it was very emotional. I wish you could have been there! Hummer Estes


Fed Up

Fed up! We here at Hiway Garage know that you are absolutely fed up with how the criminals keep getting turned loose into the community.  We have been a victim of Moe’s activities, so we have been watching his multiple cases. He had a court date yesterday for eleven of thirteen of his cases. Today, we checked the In Custody listing and nearly all of his cases have been dismissed!!! We are outraged and we think the community should know how badly our justice system has failed!!!
Linda Bailey


Totally Disgusted
I agree with your article and just had to let you know it!! I’m totally disgusted, Monday evening I got a ticket, a cell phone ticket!! On the ticket it reads the location as Hwy 299 & Roff. I was pulled over across from Gephettos. My frustration is in the fact that the officer assumed I was on my cell phone because (his words were) “[I] was looking down too long”!! At no time from the point that I left McDonald’s until the traffic light in front of Dollar General was I on my cell phone!! I had just bought a soda, was putting the straw in, also opened a snack size bag of chips, and broke a finger nail!!! By the time I was at the light, the light was red and then I picked up my phone, but as soon as it turned green I chucked it into the passenger seat. This is when he pulled me over. Then he proceeded to tell me not to worry that it wouldn’t go to DMV and it wouldn’t affect my insurance, but “oh ya, of course there’s going to be a fine”…..

If they would put that much effort into “harassing” the thugs on the streets, in the woods, stealing from Safeway, doing drugs next to Dollar General, robbing people in JP, dealing drugs…. ya, I think Burney would be a nicer place again.

The problem with harassing those people is – there’s no money in it. They are getting the money from us by assuming we are going to do something that warrant giving tickets. Must be quota season…… Destiny Taveras


Thank You
We are humbled by the response of the community and all the local and district services that came in to look for Lyn, and those who provided food, so we would eat. It was amazing. We are grateful to have had you all here. Know you made a difference. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.
The Lyn Palmer Family.





Senator Barbara Boxer
1700 Montgomery St. St 240,

San Francisco, CA 94111


Senator Dianne Feinstein
One Post St. Ste 2450
San Francisco, CA 94104

Rep John Doolittle

4230 Douglas Blvd, Ste 200

Granite Bay, CA 95746


Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa
2865 Churn Creek Rd. Ste. B
Redding, CA 96002

Senator Sam Aanestad

777 Cypress Ave.

Redding, CA 96001

Rep Wally Herger
55 Independence Cir, Ste 104,
Chico, CA 95973

 Supervisor Brian Dahle

Supervisor Dave Bradshaw
155 Co. Rd. 90



Supervisor Glenn Hawes
1815 Yuba Street

Redding, CA 96001