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October 18, 2016

Fall River Bridge Repair Work Done
FALL RIVER MILLS — The concrete work on the piers of the 1920 era bridge that connects the Big Eddy Estates and southern Fall River Mills area to the businesses, schools, postal and emergency services available across the Pit River was completed Friday, October 14. The two barges the divers worked from will be removed by October 21. Vira’s Collection, B-5 Make your guess! Photo by Diver Mark Land One of the piers. The original, redwood forms that had not been removed when the pier was poured in the early 1920’s slowly fell away from the pier and still stands in a row of three to the right of the pier. Photo by Project Engineer Venton Trotter, Shasta County Public Works Diver Mark Land’s equipment is adjusted and checked by First Backup Diver (Diver Tender) Andrew Lum. Photos by Tom Stannage Tammy Stannage has written two telling statements since her surgery this month. The first was a plea to show teenagers of what has happened to her and tell them not to smoke. The second, after the medical supplier refused to send the family the medical supplies she needs to survive until she made a $6,000 deductible payment and they couldn’t come up with it, was a defeated “No one cares.” Tammy Stannage before her illness with her 30-year old daughter Crystal who has cerebral palsy, including seizures, and needs 24-hour a day care.

Project Engineer Venton Trotter of Shasta County Public Works headed back to his office in Redding Friday afternoon with two sets of concrete samples, numerous photographs that he and the dive team from DRS Marine Inc. took before, during and after the holes in the piers were filled.

Trotter says 36 yards of special under water material was used.
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Pay Deductible or You Don't Get Medical Supplies

Tammy Stannage has written two telling statements since her surgery this month. The first was a plea to show teenagers of what has happened to her and tell them not to smoke. The second, after the medical supplier refused to send the family the medical supplies she needs to survive until she made a $6,000 deductible payment and they couldn’t come up with it, was a defeated “No one cares.”

Pine Grove Okays Cemetery Merger
McARTHUR — The Pine Grove Cemetery District Board voted to approve the Fall River Cemetery District Board’s request for that District to become a part of the Pine Grove District, Arleen Earnest, board chair said in a letter dated last Friday.

The two distrrict’s have been studying that possibility for the last two years.

The request came about because over the years development in the Valley has raised the revenue.
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Bomb Squad Destroys Device
BURNEY — The discovery of a possible explosive device resulted in a reverse 9-1-1 call to residents in the area and a lockdown at Mountain View High School/District office last Friday, October 14.

At approximately 11:25 a.m., an employee of Burney Water District reported finding the suspicious device at the corner of Woods Avenue and Cedar Street in Burney. Deputies from the Burney Station responded and established a safe perimeter around the device.

During the investigation, deputies conducted an evacuation of the immediate area and issued an evacuation advisement for the outlying area due to public safety concerns. The Fall River School District was put on a “soft lockdown” due to its location. Representatives from the California Highway Patrol, Burney Fire District, Shasta County Roads, and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) were requested to assist.

The Shasta County Bomb Squad later arrived on scene and rendered the device safe. The case is under investigation and no further information regarding the device will be released at this time for the integrity of the investigation.

Tree Knocks out Power
CASSEL — A tree into a high voltage power line in the Cassel area is blamed for a power outage that affected much of the area Wednesday, October 12 afternoon.

At approximately 3:10 p.m. power went out and came right back on.

In downtown Burney it went out and remained out until roughly 5:20 p.m.

A customer advisory was originally issued shortly after the outage started estimating that the outage might take until 10 p.m. to repair.
Burney Mother Warns Teens Not to Smoke

By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
BURNEY — Tammy Stannage, 43, hadn’t been feeling well for quite some time. She had lost 100 pounds in the last year.

Then, on her birthday, March 1, she lost her voice.

She went to the Burney Health Center. They started treating her for Strep Throat.

She continued to get worse so they made an appointment and sent her to Skylake Hospital in Klamath Falls to see Dr. Davore, an Ear Nose and Throat specialist September 19th.

Dr. Davore told her she has a stage 3-to-four tumor in her throat.

Tammy was admitted to Skylake on October 7 to give her a Tracheotomy and put a feeding tube in her stomach. After surgery the Doctor told her that had she waited another week it would have been too late. He also told her that if the family can get some weight on her they will try 6-t0-8 weeks of chemo five days a week and at least three radiation treatments. She was released and sent home Sunday, October 9 - a week ago. Her mother, Darlene McArdie, can’t lift either Tammy or Crystal so she has to leave that up to TomT he once healthy woman, capable of caring for, lifting and helping her daughter by herself, had been forced to turn that care over to her husband who owned and operated Main Street Automotive.
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County Update on New Bridge
The County is still working with Caltrans to obtain environmental clearance to construct a replacement bridge. Numerous historical and biological resources are involved. Environmental clearance includes completion of both the National Environmental Policy Act(NEPA) process and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process.

The required studies and reports will extend into 2017. Morrison Structures has prepared preliminary plans for the preferred alignment to facilitate the environmental process. Final design cannot commence until the County has obtained NEPA and CEQA clearance.

Right of way acquisition may not begin either - until the environmental process is complete. Most, if not all, of the right of way required is currently owned by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). The County has had informal communication with PG&E concerning the proposed bridge.
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