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July 26 , 2016

Fire Fighters Wasted No Time in Putting Out Saturday's Fire
JOHNSON PARK — Firefighters from Burney, Hat Creek, Cassel, Cal Fire and the USFS used helicopters, planes, bulldozers, and conservation camp crews putting a 1.4 acre fire that grew to at least five acres before they got it out. Details were not available at press time.

Five Vie for Fair Queen
Shay Corder, 17, is the
Daughter of Debbie Lakey
and Toby and Shanna Corder,
of McArthur. She is sponsored
by Corder Farms, Hat Creek
Construction, Anna’s Country
Kitchen, Crumbs Restaurant,
and Emily Hendrix at Polished.
Madison Hamilton, 16,
is the daughter of John and
Donna Hamilton of McArthur,
CA. She is sponsored by Inter-
Mountain Cattlewomen,
Chris and Craig Knoch, Ken
and Martha Fletcher, McArthur
Farm Supply, Vineyard
Springs, and Andrea Fitts.
Grace Lommen, 16, is
the daughter of Anthony and
Monica Lommen of Fall River
Mills. She is sponsored by
Heart of the Matter Hypnosis,
Western Agriculture Services,
Four Seasons Lumber, Do It
Best Valley Hardware, Darla
Schmunk and Shelby McArthur.

Jackie Mendoza, 18, is the
daughter of Pedro and Ivette
Mendoza of Fall River Mills.
She is sponsored by McArthur
Farm Supply, H-O River
Ranch, Art and Caroline Whitney,
Clearwater Lodge and
Erica Kaczorowski. 
Alicia Reynoso, 16, is the
granddaughter of Jose and
Mary Sanchez and daughter
of Christina Torres of McArthur.
She is sponsored by
Chatty Kathy’s Café, McArthur
Farm Supply, E&G Logging
Inc., Craig & Marlene
McArthur, McArthur Mart, and
Bliss Bidwell. 

Attempted "Murder" Charged
BIG BEND — The 31 miles, much of it two lane, windy mountain road, is a long ways, especially when deputies are responding to a robbery in progress.

Last Thursday, July 21, a 9-1-1 dispatcher received that call at 6:58 p.m. and dispatched deputies to the Pit Stop Store.

The SHASCOM Dispatcher advised responding deputies that a struggle could be heard on the phone line and a male subject stating “it’s too late now” and “he’s killed a lot of people.” SHASCOM Dispatch also overheard a statement on the phone line of “I’m going to die today.” The dispatcher additionally heard statements that the male was armed.

While responding, deputies also received updated information that the suspect had left the store and the store owner had been assaulted and requested medical attention.

They were advised the suspect was reported as being 32-year old Big Bend resident, Thomas Hardy. Deputies arrived on scene and contacted store owner Doug Wakefield, 66.

They confirmed the suspect was not at the location and medical personnel responded. They found that Wakefield had welt marks throughout his upper body and back. He declined transportation to the hospital.

Deputies conducted a canvas of the area and located Hardy near Summit Lake Road in Big Bend.

They were able to detain Hardy without incident and no weapons were located.

Wakefield positively identify Hardy. Wakefield described the incident as starting with Hardy harassing a female employee. He said he tried to intervene, but Hardy attacked, hitting him multiple times with a necklace causing the welts.

He also said Hardy struck him in the back of the head with his fists numerous times while he was on the ground. Deputies confirmed Wakefield’s statements as they watched surveillance footage of the incident.

Hardy was arrested and later booked into the Shasta County Jail for Attempted Murder, Torture, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and Terrorist Threats.

No 2016-2017 Rate Increases
By Alex Colvin
Contributing writer
BURNEY - There will be no customer rate increases this fiscal year in the Burney Water District.

At their regular monthly board meeting July 21, the Board of Directors voted unanimously not to raise rates for fiscal year 2016- 2017.

They concurred with District Manager Willie Rodriguez that as long as they could provide their chartered services and properly run the district they also wanted to improve communication with customers and explore alternative means of raising revenue.

The board hopes to inform its customers as to its budgetary needs and reasons for rate increases in the future. It also wants to ensure that customers are aware of their right to protest rate hikes and how to do so if they so desire.

Public notice to increase rates may again be posted in Spring 2017. The Board will provide a clear explanation of the need for such increases and will vote on those increases in June 2017. If increases are passed, they will go into effect July 1, 2017.

Pursuant to the decision not to raise rates this year, the board also voted to delay passage of this years budget until their August meeting. At that time they will vote on a revised budget.

In addition, Rodriguez said that the District will be working with Rural Communities Assistance Corporation to determine the average household income of the district. If the average household income is at or below 60% of the state average household income, then the district would be classified as severely disadvantaged and would qualify for certain ameliorating benefits regarding loans and grants. If Burney is in this category, this may help to limit future rate increases. If not, the survey will give an accurate assessment of where Burney stands.

Prior to the survey, Burney Water District customers will receive a notice from both the Rural Community Assistance Corporation and the Burney Water District asking customers to participate. Customer information will be confidential. There will be no “names to numbers. Rodriguez also gave a detailed report on sludge removal. Sludge removal involves several stages. Water must be pumped out, the sludge pumped out and dried, and then the dried waste transported by truck to a land fill site. Removal for this year this should be completed before the state deadline of October 15.

The district is working to increase the number of dry ponds from 2 to 4 which will expedite the process in future years.

The board briefly discussed alternative ways of decontaminating and disposing of waste. Fred Ryness asked whether there may be possible agricultural uses for decontaminated waste.

Rodriguez explained that, presently, such alternatives are not cost effective and involve complicated chemical and environmental factors. However, he said that he would continue to explore alternatives in order to determine the best option for the district.

In his manager’s report, Rodriguez told the Board that he had the opportunity to visit the water treatment facility at City of Shasta Lake and gotten some ideas for improvement of the Burney treatment facility.

He also said that the District is upgrading their payment system so that customers will be able to pay their bills electronically. This should be in place by autumn.

Stephanie McQuade gave the pool report. Pool attendance for the year has been good. There has been some fluctuation in attendance with the varying temperatures. There have been some problems with the chlorinator that are being worked on. In spite of the chlorinator problems, proper chlorine levels at the pool have been maintained so that the pool has remained open.

Dr. Tim Kersten suggested using ozone instead of chorine to disinfect the pool and Rodriguez said that he would look into it.

In addition, three unidentified youths have climbed over the fence at night on several occasions to engage in horseplay which caused some problems. Efforts are underway to better secure and monitor the facility and to take appropriate action if the culprits are apprehended.


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