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PAPE` Buys Out
Local John Deere

FALL RIVER MILLS –Five of Floyd A. Boyd Co., a John Deere Dealership since 1940, have been sold. Floyd A. Boyd Co. has announced that their dealerships in Fall River Mills, Merill, Oregon, Central Point, Oregon, Bend Oregon and Madras, Oregon has sold to Pap`e Machinery. The e ective date of that sale is April 25, 2014.

Jerry Duerre who has served as the manager of the Fall River Store, says that all of the personnel associated with that store have retained jobs. Their duties may change some, but everyone in the Fall River Store will have a job.

Pap`e has been in business since 1938, has a total of 2,000 employees in a total of 70 locations. They pride themselves in selling capital equipment for construction, forestry, agriculture, warehousing material handling and more through California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

Giacomini to be at Mac Meeting

McARTHUR – According to Diane Rogers Shasta County Supervisor  Pam Giacomini will be at the Municipal Advisory  Council Meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, the 17th at  the Lions Hall in McArthur discuss issues of importance to the residents of the Fall River Valley.

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"Purrrrfect Pal"

Mary Anne is a lovely gal in search of a new home where she will be the only pet.

This talkative adult cat is healthy and happy; she is content dividing her time between indoors and outside, and she enjoys human company.

Mary Anne is spayed, litter-box trained, and up-to-date on all veterinary care. \

For more information about her, please





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April 15, 2014

Funeral for 11 Year-Old Burney Boy is Scheduled for Friday

Emergency personnel secure the accident scene.

BURNEY - An 11-year-old East Burney Elementary 6th grader was killed Thursday evening when his skate board hit a freightliner.

According to Highway Patrolman Stewart Wagner, Gage Aaron Sealander (pictured on the left), 11, was riding his skate board from the south shoulder of Highway 299E to the north shoulder near the corner of Highway 299 and Marquette Streets when he rode his skate board into the side of 2012 tractor and 45’ box trailer, Freightliner driven by Todd M.

Wilhite, 52, of Cottonwood and was killed. Wilhite reportedly reported his speed to be approximately 20 mph. He drove the Highway 299 Route through Burney to Alturas often and was reportedly familiar with the roadway.

According to the Highway Patrol, alcohol/ drug impairment is not suspected as a causative factor in the collision. 
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LAFCO Puts Cayton Valley
in Mosquito Sphere

By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
BURNEY - The Shasta Local Agency Formation Commission’s Municipal Service Report updating its sphere of infl uence will make a number of people happy while ignoring others that would like to get a step closer to mosquito Abatement Control.

However, what appears to be a godsend at fi rst blush, isn’t going to change anything.

LAFCO sta included Cayton Valley in the sphere of infl uence, a logical step for those who remember that the district was at one time getting mosquito abatement service and even had a representative on the board when they weren’t offi cially part of the district.

Much as folks in Fall River Mills learned a few weeks ago, LAFCO’s waving the magic Sphere of Infl uence wand doesn’t mean anything beyond the fact They if they want to pay the LAFCO Fees, ANDpay for any election costs that may be needed, it isn’t going to happen.

Cassel, who has been most vocal about trying to get the Burney Basin Mosquito Abatement District to give them mosquito Abatement District missed being included in the LAFCO drawn sphere by several miles, The intersection of Highways 89 and 299 being as close as the sphere came to Cassel or Doyles Corner.

In reality, legislation passed in the past few years mandate that the reviews be done every fi ve years as needed. It does not make any property outside of the districts existing boundaries a part of the district unless the residents in those areas go through the process of fi rst being a part of the sphere, then demonstrating that there is a need and a desire to be a part of the district.

There are studies, possible ballots, hearings, sta analysis and so forth, before any annexation could take place.

The Municipal Reviews have included the Fall River Valley Community Services District, both Pine Grove and Burney Mosquito Abatement District and is expected to target the county’s fi re district in the future.

The Fall River Community Services District did see their sphere grown some, taking in lands in the vicinity of Gomez Road at the base of Saddle Mountain, an area of the Valley where the district’s well is located, and some acreage across the Fall River.

The last attempt included the Big Eddy Estates south of downtown Fall River Mills proper. It created considerable consternation amongst residents of that area and thus was exempted from the sphere.



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It’s Official - CSD Doesn’t want Killarc

By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo Editor
FALL RIVER MILLS - Community Services District Manager Bill Johnson pointed out to his board that the accounts payable are continuing to improve. They are now in the mid $30,000 range and the district is putting some aside for one-time expenses.

He also told the board he had met with Kelly Sackheim who had wanted to get the district involved in the Kilarc Power Plant while the former manager was still with the district.

Sackheim had later left the board with the impression that it wasn’t doable and the board had agreed to pull out.

She had approached Board Chair Jerry Month and District Manager Bill Johnson again and wanted to get them to reconsider, something they were reluctant to do.

Board member Sky Snyder said he had made a trip to the facility. It has a beautiful building and a nice pond, but if the shoring ever gives away it would bankrupt the district trying to replace it.

Monath said he had told Stackheim he wanted a letter explaining what the fi rm she represented wanted and wanted it in time to be reviewed by an attorney for last week’s meeting. The letter, he said, had not been forthcoming.
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Burney-Fall River

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