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Written by Lori Arellano

     Within the Pit River Tribal Government there are many  complicated issues that exist that allow and influence unfair  practices not only to just exist but to actually thrive.  Nepotism,  lack of policy development, lack of internal controls, conflicts of  interest, lack of limits on Tribal Council consecutive office terms,  strategic disenrollments of entire family voting blocks and  mismanagement of government grants are but only a few of the problems  that exist within the Tribal Nation?s Government.  Further, Veteran  Council members stack the deck in their favor by hiring their direct  family members in the Tribal Government?s key employment positions  while at the same time appointing their family members to serve on key  critical committees.  Those who oppose these unfair practices find  themselves slandered and or quickly unemployed in what is already an  area devastated by a high rate of unemployment.

     Tribal members live in a lawless nation where in which its  Tribal members live in  frustration as it pertains to issues  surrounding Tribal Government business.  Here is just a small example,  when a Tribal member runs for the council representative office in an  attempt to unseat a Veteran Council Representative then the Veteran  Council calls the election illegal, fraudulent and files a ?dispute?  and or recalls the election.  .  Those who have sat at the Tribal  Council table have remained in office too long and have become quite  complacent in conducting Tribal business in any manner in which they  please without being challenged or questioned by the membership, U.S.  Agencies or Authorities.  Veteran Council members have not abided by  the rules outlined in either the Pit River Constitution,  which is a  Treaty document ratified between the Tribe and the United States  Government, or by the rules outlined in the few and limited ordinances  that have been developed over the past 30 years.  The greatest problem  faced by the Pit River people is the complete and utter lack of  enforcement of rules by the Tribal Officials because the Tribal  Government?s Veteran Council Representatives have not yet developed or  deliberately has not yet developed a structure by which to fairly  enforce Tribal laws.  This only adds to an environment of lawlessness.

     The Pit River People have struggled to increase democracy within  the Tribe only to be silenced by the Veteran Tribal Council.  The  Tribal people have rallied in great numbers as they showed up in  record numbers to cast their votes at the elections to implement  change only to be obstructed by claims of ?cheating?.   The Tribal  people have protested in front of the Tribal Office to show their  dissatisfaction with Tribal Affairs only to be labeled ?dissidents?.   The Tribal people have held general membership meetings, which is a  right granted and afforded to the Tribal people under the Pit River  Tribe?s Constitution, only to be charged with allegations of meeting  and congregating for ?illegal? and ?treasonous? purposes.  In fact, in  an attempt to circumvent allegations of corrupt elections and to  ensure fair and honest elections the membership called for the  assistance of the Shasta County League of Women?s Voters to witness  and assist in the August 2007 election only to be hostilely shunned by  the Tribal Election Committee and certain members of the Veteran  Tribal Council.

     Bob Boyce is a hired mouthpiece of the Veteran Tribal Council.  On the dates of March 31st and July 28th, 2007 the Pit River Tribal membership met on at least these two occasions to unanimously vote the Tribal Administrator Bob Boyce out of the Tribal Office. Bob Boyce has been officially ?Fired? and/or ?Terminated? by the membership.  The  will of the Pit River Tribal people is ignored even though the Pit  River Tribal Constitution states that the ultimate decision making  power resides in the will and vote of the Tribal membership. However,  Mr. Boyce has defied his ?Notice of Termination? at the encouragement  of both the Shasta County Sheriff?s Department and the now unseated  and specifically the ?voted out? Veteran Tribal Council.  Bob Boyce is  fighting hard while mudslinging to keep his job.  The News Media and  the Shasta County Sheriffs Department , through possibly no fault of  their own and due to a lack of understanding of Tribal Political  Corruption that is prevalent throughout the Tribal Government,  has  rushed to the assistance of  the Veteran Council Representatives in  eager response to the Terminated Tribal Administrator Bob Boyce?s  charges of defiant, unruly, dishonest Indians.   In a word of defense  of these ?unruly Indians? many have assimilated professionally into  American mainstream society some of them being College Counselors,  Real Estate Agents, Lawyers,  Retired Iron Workers, College Students,  Nurses and the like who have worked hard to earn an honest living.   Unfortunately however those who want change are at a disadvantage, in  that those who are currently in the Tribal Office have three things in  their favor: first  is time; second the assets of the Tribe and third  the Burney legal system.

     As I looked down at my wrists shackled in handcuffs I had to  laugh at the irony.  I have clamored for a positive change toward a  lawful Tribal Nation for a decade now.  I have spoken up in opposition  to the blatant political corruption that runs rampant throughout the  departments of the Pit River Tribal Government.  In fact, I am an  advocate for a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Agreement (MOA)  between the United States Enforcement agencies and the Pit River  Tribal Government for penalty of violations of federal law.  I was  informed by the arresting officer that the charge against me is  misdemeanor battery. .  I have filed a wrongful arrest complaint  against the arresting officer for his frivolous unwarranted and  illegal arrest based on hearsay of a Tribal employee as he claims that  ?the Shasta County Sheriff?s department takes no responsibility for  the citizens arrest.?  There remains much work to be done. In fact the  entire Tribal Government infrastructure needs further development to  safeguard and to ensure a free and flowing democracy within the Pit  River Tribal Nation. It was all so clearly and succinctly put into  perspective for me when someone said, referring to those challenging  the August 2007 elections, ?They are just sore losers.?

The Big Valley Fire Protection District would like to thank Kelly St. John of United Country Mountain Valley Realty for her efforts in selling the Nubieber Fire Hall property. Her involvement in this project is greatly appreciated by the board of directors. Thank you Kelly!
Dennis McGarr, Chairman

The Intermountain Marines have just finished our semi-monthly sending of care packages to the eight local Marines serving their county in Iraq and Afganistan. We want our Marines to know we care and appreciate their service.
We would like to acknowledge the help of our local Safeway, Rileys Jerkey, the parishioners of the Burney Presbyerian Church, both local papers, Burney Bowl, Avon, Hector and the Exxon Mini Mart, and Teresa at our local post office.
You have the thanks of the Intermountain Marines and our local Marines in harms way.
We have heard from four of our Marines and two of their mothers and they are most appreciative of the packages and the letters from the local children at the Burney pres school network.
Please keep all our servicemen and women in your thoughts and prayers as they are protecting you.
Semper Fidelis,
Ron Mason


Dear Editor:

I was surprised not to see a mention that we no longer have a spot to recycle newspapers and cardboard in the area.  We are constantly being bombarded with recycling messages and yet now are expected to drive to Redding to take our paper and cardboard.  You know that these items are going to wind up in the trash pick-up.

Hopefully something will be done about this situation. 

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