October 22, 2013


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A week ago Monday, deputies caught two suspected drug addicts who said they just happened to be taking a short cut across Burney Elementary School’s campus while school was in session.
They got nervous when a deputy started asking questions about a bulge under the male’s shirt and he ran.
When they were caught, according to the deputies, they were searched and it was found that they each had methamphetamine and several needles in their possession. The bulge under the male’s shirt turned out to be a couple of throwing knives.
We now have two people allegedly with dangerous and addictive drugs and the instruments to shoot those drugs into their or anyone else’s system. They had it on an elementary school grounds.
One of them had lethal weapons concealed on himself at the time.
There is also the fact that he ran from the deputy.
Our deputies did their job. They caught the individuals, took the pair into custody and hauled them down to the jail in Redding. The Sheriff’s log shows they also had warrants.
I checked with the jail and both were booked on Monday, the 14th and released on their own recognizance on Tuesday, the 15th.
I’m speechless.
Here we have two individuals who reportedly were on a school grounds with drugs and paraphernalia on their person, during school hours. One of the individuals had not one, but two deadly weapons on him. Then he resists arrest.
They book the pair into the jail and let them back out on their promise that they will appear in court when they already had some kind of warrant.
I can hear the excuses now. The Sheriff will say “we don’t have room to house them.” The County Administrator will say “we don’t have the money to pay someone else to house them.” The District Attorney will say “We can’t waste our time on them when there isn’t any place to put them.” The judges won’t even comment because they are above all that.
Any one of them could review their policy and figure out that those two could pose more than a little risk to the general public.
If I was an employee of Burney Elementary I’d be talking to the administration about safety.
If I was a parent of a child at Burney Elementary there would be an uprising and it wouldn’t be against the school staff or the deputies. They do their best to do their jobs.
In my Dad’s day and some lowlife brought drugs onto the campus the parents would have taken care of the problem permanently.
Forty years or so ago local law enforcement would have bundled them up, driven them to I-5, pointed south and explained the benefit of never returning to the Intermountain Area.
Now the officer on the street does his or her job, and that’s where it ends. Crap flows downhill but it has ceased being dumped on the criminal – now it is dumped on the community and our kids.
I’m glad my daughter and grandson are grown and out of this area.
Something has to be done. The various big shot’s excuses that we’d better not “do anything rash” because it is against the law, would be wearing pretty thin if my kid was being exposed to that type of danger. The alternative is to sit around and wait for things to get worse or to move to the Bay Area where all they do is shoot each other over the drugs after they get the kids hooked.

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