October 7, 2013


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Just a few observations regarding the shutdown of the Federal government.
I couldn’t help but notice that the Congress, and White House and their staffs are all getting their paychecks and yet it is their fault that a whole lot of damn fine rank and file folk who depend on a paycheck to buy groceries, make their house payments, pay their bills and so forth get laid off.
It is kinda like the Congress exempting itself from the health insurance requirements.
Obviously it wouldn’t make sense to lay off the Congress, Senate or President even though they are the ones who got us into this mess, but you could sure lay off their staff and take their gas cards and ability to buy aviation fuel away from all of them.
It would be interesting if the first lady had to do the wash and fix the meals, if the president or legislators had to answer their own phones or try to keep their own appointment books. I’ll bet they’d figure out a way to compromise and get things rolling again.
I hate brinkmanship!

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