September 4, 2013


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A friend and mentor of mine, the late Vern Webb of Burney once mused that he couldn’t understand why the government had a habit of protecting the predators while allowing the predator’s food, like deer, to be hunted.
Well, a few years ago, the folks that watched too much Wild Kingdom and other nature channels went the extra step to insure the protection of Mountain Lions.
Well a typical example of the results are on page one this week. It cost the high school girl who owned those sheep $10,000, not to mention all the hard work and emotion that had gone into raising her championship flock.
Her loss isn’t the only one. I can remember news stories of at least two people who have been killed in California since that law was passed, not to mention the toll on livestock.
Mountain Lions may be awesome looking critters, but they are killers and when they get too close to civilization they need to be eliminated – before, not after a tragedy.
This one will be found and shot, but in the meantime he has hit several ranches and killed for the sport of killing.
People who vote to protect killer species for whatever noble reason are flat nuts (and I could care less who gets angry over that statement). I’m just damn glad they weren’t around when the dinosaurs were alive.

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