March 11, 2013

Lawsuit Threatened Over Law Interpretation

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Is Fall River Valley Community Services District (Fall River) to pay or not pay its $8,785.55 invoice, was the lengthiest item on the recent Local Agency Formation Commission’s (LAFCo) agenda last Thursday. There are those who contend the bill is too high, overbilling occurred, LAFCO billed for items it shouldn’t have and the district doesn’t have the financial means to pay its invoice.
LACFO’s chief executive officer Amy Mickelson explained that Fall River’s former general manager said the district would pay the expenses it incurred for the sphere of influence (SOI) endeavor, and signed an agreement to that effect. At the last LAFCO meeting, the commissioners directed Mickelson to ask the district four questions regarding the invoice: how much time the district needs, what issues does it have with the invoice, what is its’ capacity to pay off the invoices, and any alternative ideas on how to pay the bills. To date, Mickelson said, “none of the questions have been answered.” She added, “Other agencies shouldn’t have to bear.

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