March 11, 2013


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Donna and I were able to go to the Burney Booster/Baseball Crab Feed and Raffle Saturday night. I left stuffed, impressed by the turn out and delighted by the attentive service of the baseball team.
I couldn’t help but reflect that a large number of the adults in the room had been kids the same age as the baseball players serving tables. had bought music or books from Donna at Caldwell’s Corner and who I had covered in sports, plays, Burney Basin Days or other events.
Now they were there to support their kids or already had kids who had graduated and who had kids.
I was also impressed with the school’s principal, Mr. Guerrero and his staff.
Burney has been working on their school spirit for years and it appears that under the leadership of Mr. Guerrero they have it nailed down.
On another issue – Regarding Mayers, Memorial Hospital is facing a real threat to its survival when it comes to possible Medi-Cal cuts.
The CEO, board, staff and citizenry have been waging a war to save the income and thus, likely, the hospital as we know it.
Yes, the facts remain the same. Mayers is not twisting facts, forgetting things they would rather not remember, or doing things behind closed doors that should be done in public.
They are waging their all-out war in a way that will, with continued community support, win the day.
Yes, you are being asked to write another letter with the same facts and the same message, possibly to the same people.
Those letters help. They show that we want our hospital. They show that we are concerned. They also let the hospital association, MediCal agency, along with Mayers staff and patients know just how important the survival of Mayers and thus their survival is to each of us.
Sample letters and the addresses of the legislators are available on the Mayers web site or by stopping by Mayers. I urge everyone to send another one. You aren’t wasting your stamp.

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