February 25, 2013


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The Community Services District had a fairly uneventful meeting last week and the board started to get a handle on several items.
There was none of the back biting and theatrics which had plagued the meetings in previous months.
Instead they got down to business and stayed focused on business.
They spent a little money they didn’t have to get a financial wizard to tell them where they are financially and how they can get out of the hole they now find themselves in.
They are revisiting the sewer rates trying to find out what it will take to break even, before going back to their customers with another increase proposal.
They are starting to discuss the grants, which are really necessary and whether they can afford them if it takes borrowing money to get them.
They are having a hard time letting go of LAFCO which I suspect will cost them more grief than not in the long run. They haven’t learned that LAFCO has the size, power, and resources and have been reasonably patient.
They also fail to realize that the Fall River CSD is a small district which, because of its own greed spent over $40,000 on an attorney who didn’t win the district anything and $15,000 plus with a consultant who failed to supply LAFCO with the information needed, in the format it needed, to get the job done without using an unusual amount of time to decipher it. Sooner or later the LAFCO board which is made up of professionals and their professional staff will get tired of being lectured by laypeople from Fall River CSD who want to berate LAFCO staff and waste the Commission’s time.
On a positive note the board turned down any current consideration of wage increases because they simply didn’t have the money to pay the employees more. It also appears that with Dave Hall donating his time in the management position, that they might be able to make up some of the losses incurred under the previous manager.
All in all the board listened patiently to members of the audience as they asked questions and submitted ideas.

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