February 18, 2013

Old Policy Resubmitted

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BURNEY — The County Auditor-Controler’s office could not find where the Board of Supervisors has approved a resolution by the Burney Basin Mosquito Abatement District’s board establishing a biennial audit.
District Manager Mike Churney told his board he had gone back through the district’s files and found the resolution dated June 8, 1994, properly approved by the district’s board and the Auditor- Controler’s office, but couldn’t find anything showing the County supervisors had approved it. He said the Auditor’s office had tried to locate the records but the board of supervisor’s office only maintains records for five years and would have destroyed it in 1997.
Churney asked his board to approve a new resolution which could be sent through all the proper channels, making it possible for the district to continue getting audits in a manner which would continue to save the district considerable money. The board unanimously passed the resolution.
The board okayed payment of the district’s bills in the amount of $7,257.85.
The District’s schedule of expenditures showed that the district was only over budget in two categories, $227 in insurance and $78 in what they had budgeted for LAFCO. They had received nearly $4,000 less than they had anticipated in revenues from taxes, interest etc. They had anticipated receiving $73,623 for the Period July 1 through the end of January. They had only received $69,666.

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