November 26, 2012


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We had a great Thanksgiving, Spent much of the day laying around, talking on the phone, texting, telling the kids and grandkids that we love them.
Dropped by a good friends house in the afternoon for a Champagne toast and a chance to see a couple we hadn’t had a chance to see in years.
After that it was off to the Veterans Hall to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner with a lot of good friends, excellent Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings, toast and a couple of drinks, good conversation and depending which team you were rooting for, a “good” ball game – Donna lost $5.
I couldn’t help but think about those who were away from their families, doing what they do so we could be in a safe environment, comfortably enjoying ourselves.
There are an awful lot of men and women in Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea, patrolling our coastline, and dozens of other places we probably don’t even know exist.
But, don’t forget the others, the men and women patrolling our streets and highways, keeping us safe in spite of ourselves, operating our ambulances and fire engines, staffing our hospitals, our clergy and so many more.
It doesn’t matter whether we live in the city, in the country, or wherever. We not only survive and thrive because of others, we depend on them without really thinking about it.
It wouldn’t be a pretty world without them and we owe them a lot.
If you want to have fun and at the same time really shock someone, corner one of these folks and simply say “Thank You!” and mean it.
I’m going to get on my annual high horse and preach a little.
Shop Locally this Christmas season. Thirty-eight years ago, when Donna and I first came back to the area, we could get almost everything we needed someplace between Adin and Burney.
It has been a long time and my memory may be a little faulty, but as I remember it there were two clothing stores and a shoe store in the Valley. There were three clothing stores in Burney. There was a combination rental, gas station store in McArthur, not to mention McArthur Merchantile, Sierra Market, Ready Eddy’s, Dubey’s Pizza, Western Auto, Valley Hardware, two farm equipment stores, Hiway Garage, the Theater, Sears and Wards catelog stores, A Hugh’s Printing satelite, NAPA, and Burney and Johnson Park were thriving but the handwriting was on the wall. The roads were too good. The environmentalists along with the Clinton Administration were making mincemeat of the timber industry and television service was becoming better and better and fewer and fewer folks spent their money at home.
Now we have a fraction of the services and goods we had 30-35 years ago. We also have a fraction of the jobs.
The world is changing and it will continue to change, but, we don’t have to disappear because it is changing.
While we need to try new things and do new things, it wouldn’t hurt to revisit some of the old things — like spending some of our money at home. It may well mean the difference of being able to in the future or not.

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