November 12, 2012

Neither Side in CSD Race Wins Clear Majority

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FALL RIVER MILLS — Last Tuesday’s election changed the complexion of the Fall River Community Services District board, but neither the pro expansion or anti expansion side gained a clear majority.
For the first time in well over 20 years the CSD had enough people interested in the district to force an election instead of simply being appointed to fill the vacancy, or continuing to serve because no one was interested.

This year there were 10 individuals on the ballot. Three, Sandi Jensen, David Hall (pictured above, bottom right) and Barbara Briggs appeared to be staunch supporters of General Manager John Van den Bergh and didn’t win.
Jerry Monath (pictured above, top row left), Dinana Rogers, and Kathy Ontano (pictured above, bottom left) have been concerned with the district’s expansion plans. Monath and Rogers were elected, but Rogers fell short. Sky Snyder (pictured above, top row center) and Paulette Gooch (pictured above, top row right), who appear to be moderate, round and balance the board’s membership out.

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