November 12, 2012


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The State Board of Equalization notified property owners in Shasta County SRA areas they will soon receive billings for the SRA fee that the Governor signed into law earlier this year. The notice came in pre-printed, full-color on heavy “slick stock paper with another full sheet with the property owner’s name and address on it. Of course it was in an envelope with bulk mail postage.
I was in the printing business for a short time several years ago. Printers charge for the thickness of the paper stock. They charge more for “slick” paper than plain paper. This was undoubtedly printed three to a regular sheet or on rolled stock. Either way they do charge for cutting the paper. They charge for full color work. Then there is the cost of the paper and generation of the address sheet and the envelope. Not counting the collating of the two pages, the folding, the insertion into the envelopes, the bulk postage and other associated costs involved.
Then we wonder where our tax dollars go.
Anyway, it is official, they finally got to Shasta County and we will be receiving the bill “soon.”
The notice says “As the owner of property within this area, you will soon receive a bill requiring you to pay up to $150 per habitable structure. After you receive you bill, you will have 30 days from the date on the bill to send a payment or appeal the amount of the bill in writing.”
Both Senator La- Malfa and Assemblyman Nielsen’s office, along with fire chiefs who have followed this issue strongly recommend that anyone who receives the notice ignore the “or appeal” portion of the statement and pay the amount billed and write paid under protest.”
They also say to follow the instructions on filling out the appeal, sending it back in with the payment. They say to do otherwise is to invite fines, penalties and or interest if the appeals are denied.
The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has filed a lawsuit pointing out that it is not a fee, but an illegal tax, but the court has not yet issued an injunction against the collection.
LaMalfa and Nielsen are also amongst the legislators who have authored a bill to stop the fee.

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