October 1, 2012

Mayers Continues Positive Moves Forward

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FALL RIVER MILLS – Mayers Memorial Hospital operations were great from a number of angles. Director Allen Albaugh, the head of finances reported that the hospital financial statements were the best in three years.
Chief Executive Officer Matt Rees reported that finances were coming in line, doing much better than he would have projected a year ago and he was going to shift his focus more to the quality end of the operation. Using the example of only having one in-hospital infection over the years, and it was one that wasn’t hospital caused, reflected on the high quality of care they already had. He said he simply needed work on getting that message out.
He also reported that he was still trying to see if attempting to annex the Big Valley area into the district would pencil out. He said he had run into some people at a recent meeting that were vocal in their opposition to paying any tax in addition to what they were already paying. Earlier he said in an interview with Mountain Echo that he had met with opposition from Lassen and Modoc Counties and the Modoc Medical Center board and thus had decided to go for a zero property tax split. The problem was that there was still the Measure A tax that the annexed residents would need to pay. To compound it, Modoc had notified the folks in the Adin – Lookout area the hospital was going to do away with the ambulance and Adin Ambulance Station as of June 30. The representatives told Rees the district had lost $150,000 on it and Mayers couldn’t afford to take that type of hit. So, Rees said, he was still assessing whether annexing the area was realistic.

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