September 24, 2012


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Beware of those who want to be on the Fall River Valley Community Services District board to expand services and territory to improve recreation and provide services instead of providing water and sewer and stabilizing its finances.
There’s nothing wrong with a special district that has a long-time track record of financial responsibility, solvency, good infrastructure and that is putting money away for a rainy day to look at these things, develop a viable plan, including budgets that accurately reflect the costs of such endeavors, going for them.
However, it appears to me that the Fall River CSD isn’t in that position. It has a terrible track record in management, finances, boardsmanship, planning and operation.
As examples, instead of spending its time trying to completely stabilize, its manager spends most of his time chasing dreams.
The district has just had a rate increase and is already spending money it doesn’t have budgeted and had promised it wouldn’t, on attorneys to carry forward on what appears to be a personal vendetta.
Instead of trying to get its own services completely under control and demonstrating that it can keep them under control they are trying to take their services into areas like hydro that they have little if any expertise, way outside of their boundaries, and then lie about their intent.
You can’t have illegal secret brown Act meetings, take illegal actions because you don’t want to give your intentions away, file to get preference in positioning with a regulatory agency and then tell the public a couple of meetings later that you are just lending your name to the project to help others.
It appears that you have current board members Jensen, Hall, Snyder and Gooch and former board member Briggs, all candidates, that have condoned this type of behavior and see nothing wrong with it. Their priority is parks, not seeing that people have water and sewer service and see nothing wrong in getting it any way they can.
There are other candidates – come to the upcoming Chamber of Commerce candidates night. Listen to the candidates make your choices, but make sure you will be able to get water out of your water tap and flush your toilet and have enough money you can pay the bill.

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