September 17, 2012


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Regarding the Fall River Valley Community Services District – Mountain Echo raised serious questions regarding the fairness of the district’s proposal (now resolution) to charge its customers for sewer based on monthly readings of their water usage and charged accordingly, regardless of whether it was winter or summer. Individuals also protested that at the last meeting before the new increases were passed. The board passed the resolution as written with the caveat that they will set up a committee to take another look at the sewer rate at next month’s meeting.
Will there be a committee formed as promised, or any adjustments made to the sewer rates?
It will be interesting, the board has a history of saying they want things revisited and the manager has a history of ignoring them or finding ways to circumvent the order or request. The board then follows up by not following up. One example was the research and discussion of whether it was legal to have people living outside the district sitting on a district committee to determine rates for customers of the district which was ignored. So was an effort to reverse the manager’s involvement in having the town’s boundary sign moved which has also been ignored.
Not only that but the manager and board, in spite of major embarrassments over it, have violated the Ralph M. Brown Act several times in the last two years, including having an illegal meeting, holding illegal closed sessions, making decisions outside of open board meetings, altering agendas after they were published and posted.
I can’t help but wonder if the manager will really agendize and the board follow through with any committee to revisit and adjust the way the sewer rate is figured so their customers don’t get screwed six months out of the year, and/or if they will have private discussions to decide their customer’s fate.
Their history does not lead me to trust the current board, manager or those with an association with the district.
It is time that they realize that regardless of what they want, what is practical, what is expedient, or what the final outcome of their decision might be, they are governing and operating a public district and the end does not justify the means.

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