September 3, 2012


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Did a story of the local School’s poor ratings on the STAR Test this week and I would like to caution the readers that I only covered the areas of poor performance. In fairness I will do a story on the balance of the test scores next week.
Before trying to kill the messenger, I want to point out that, in the case of this year’s tests, the poor results in many areas stand out as a warning that something needs to be done.
It is hard to blame the tests on over zealous politicians demanding too much of the students, even though that may well play a part.
State and Federal testing has had schools running scared for years, teaching to the tests, and saying that the students wouldn’t be able to keep up with the expectations.
However, the number of failures in almost all categories should raise the alarm – something needs to be done, adjustments need to be made, and whether it is low expectations, lack of parental or teacher help, focusing on the wrong areas, or what, the message is there.
Local detractors often complain that the kids aren’t getting a proper education yet the Big Valley and Fall River School districts have historically, routinely graduated students who have gone on to be tremendous successes.
Large numbers of those who aren’t reaching even the minimum standards worry even the non-detractors like me.

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