August 13, 2012


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I’ve got a question for Lassen Park Superintendent Darlene Koontz. How can you get up and look yourself in the mirror as you get ready to go to work, or get up in front of over 100 people who have just been told they may be evacuated from their homes and with a straight face say you are following National Parks Policy and wilderness law?
How can you post figures on your web site that show the cost of your mistake, at that time of that meeting, was $500,000, now well over $2 million? How can you shrug off the fact that the fire you allowed to burn had already taken out 3,700 acres of the park’s resources?
How can you and the other radical environmentalists try to justify letting fires burn, no matter how small or for how long, right in the middle of fire season, right at the time when weather forecasts are predicting extremely hot weather. Almost any of your seasonal firefighters could tell you just how stupid and dangerous such a decision is. You and the fire management officer you have on staff should be committed to the nearest nut house. It doesn’t matter, nor do I really care if you’ve had a 99.9 percent success rate of letting your fires burn. You were still playing with matches in a dry forest, in the middle of summer, something that would cost a private citizen several hundred if not thousands of dollars in fines and millions in fire suppression costs if they had done it.
As of the morning of August 12 you had cost the taxpayers of the United States at least $3,800,000 not to mention the fact that your carelessness had, by August 12, resulted in the serious damage if not total destruction of 14,057 acres of park land and 3,473 acres of Forest Service land. By the way, those lands are the lands and resource you are sworn to protect and take care of. However while we would go to jail, you’ll probably get promoted.
Shame on you.

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