August 6, 2012


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I don’t generally repeat myself, but a scumbag or some scumbags vandalized the community beautification committee’s displays on Christmas Tree Lane in Burney last week.
That vandalism comes on top of an alleged drunk driver hitting the wagon display on the other corner of Hudson and Main (At least that one was taken care of).
Anyone with any information is urged to call the Sheriff ’s Department at 245-6070, the Burney Chamber of Commerce at 335-2111 or Mountain Echo at 336- 6262 and we’ll make sure the Sheriff ’s Department gets it.
Here we are in a poor economy with a declining business community. On the one side we have a dedicated group of citizens who I have personally seen working in the rain, in the heat, on weekends as well as week days, begging help from corporations like Frontier and PG&E, writing grants, soliciting others from materials all to build up the towns in the area.
What happens?
The Fall River Community Park is repeatedly vandalized and things broken or damaged.
A drunk runs into a beautiful wagon display. Jerks break into a merchant’s car and steal a table saw. An alleged drunk runs into one of the displays,
Someone breaks up the fountain that volunteers built and plumbed from scratch.
We have vandals and we have jerks who think it is cute to do gang graffiti on businesses.
Why? Just so little kids won’t have a park to play in? So we can’t put our best foot forward and have towns that will attract tourists and leave the impression that the Intermountain Area is a nice place to live?
On another issue, I am sorry to see Sharon Hanson resign from the Fall River Valley Community Service District Board. Like most members of most boards I didn’t always agree with her and I’m sure the feeling was mutual, but she, like Bill Estes and Bill Johnson was level headed, and acted with facts and not emotion.
Good luck Sharon.

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