July 30, 2012


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I don’t usually comment on tragic auto accidents, but I do have an observation.
My guess is that 50% of the asphalt on 89, 299, and 139 is two lane, one going each direction, with less than a 36 inch shoulder outside of the fog line. You add small hills and large hills which conceal oncoming traffic, curves that conceal oncoming traffic and any slow moving, often hard to see, vehicle such as a bicycle and you already have a recipe for disaster.
Put oncoming traffic in the equation which blocks the driver’s ability to safely pass and they are an accident waiting to happen.
Bicyclists in the area are lucky that there haven’t been more accidents.
That doesn’t mean that the driver of the autos or trucks aren’t running the risk of being at fault, especially if they are following too close, speeding, making unsafe turns or passes. They are.
I’m not suggesting that bike riders get off the road, but both bike and vehicle drivers need to make the best of a bad situation and be alert. They are already depending on luck to save them from very bad situations.

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