July 9, 2012


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Wow! Thousands of man hours have gone into Burney Basin Days Celebrations over the years. Dozens of community organizationshave donated countless time and energy, as have literally hundreds ofindividuals and businesses.
Each celebration has been unique. Each celebration has been wonderful.
In the days when the J.C’s put it on, later when the committee put it on, and now when a group of organizations put it on, there are people who spend countless hours planning, coordinating, getting permits, ordering fireworks, and working out schedules.
The day before the celebration many of those wake up and literally either don’t get any sleep or only two or three hours at a time until it is over. Many lose their voices.
Even though each has been wonderful, of the sixty celebrations, three made town history. They were the three which came about when people with dreams grabbed their idea and working with the Burney Basin Days crew. They added that extra genius sparking that extra something special. The granddaddy was the Golden Spike Celebration.”
In the mid-1980’s Donna Caldwell and her crew of patriots decided that if San Francisco didn’t want the U.S.S. Missouri, Burney did and the town adopted the Mighty Mo. The Captain and Crew came to Burney and helped us celebrate.
This year Steve Luck and his whole crew of visionaries deserve the town’s heartfelt thank you!
They recognized that once you have lived in the Intermountain Area,in this case Burney, it has become a part of you. Their idea was to bring folks back to visit, reminisce, see friends and relatives, renew acquaintances and remember. It worked as hundreds poured in.
They did great and so did the organizations who now plan and put on the entire celebration.
It was wonderful. Those involved did the town proud! Its citizens, past and present, did the town proud by being here to remember and enjoy. The town did itself proud by meaning so much to so many!
It is an Intermountain Area thing!
On another issue… The pooch who has become a landmark outside of Ingot on the way to Burney, Snoopy, is once again Beautiful!
It has been in bad need of a paint job for several years. Recently its paint has been peeling and a couple of weeks ago it looked as if someone had scraped the paint off. In fact, maybe it had been as whoever the mystery folks are prepared to give our landmark its facelift.
I e-mailed Cal Trans at that time to see if they had done anything and Denise Yergensen assured me that they had not. I don’t know who is responsible for doing it. I haven’t seen Paul Welty, who with his late brother Dean, painted it originally, but it was done and done in time for Burney Basin Days and the Burney Reunite.
Thank you!!

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