June 4, 2012


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If the two public meetings, one in McArthur and one in Burney are any indication, the folks of this area, myself included haven’t been very interested in the Churn Creek Bottom issue – primarily because it is in the Churn Creek Bottom. That is below Redding, off I-5.
Unfortunately it is one of those issues each of us should have become familiar with.
What it boils down to is that the folks in the Redding area and those in the bottom, with axes to grind in either direction, are going to make a decision for us that may well lock down or at least make much more expensive any kind of development (even ag related) on land the county has labeled as Ag land. That, or they may step on a number of folks property rights who don’t want commercial development next door to them, and opening the door for even more.
I don’t know which side is right and I don’t have a vested interest one way or the other.
I do know that we all ought to be more careful before we summarily dismiss an issue because we don’t think it really pertains to us.
If the county is involved in something there is a good chance it will affect us.

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