May 21, 2012


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Caltrans has contracted to have the Burney Creek Bridge on Main Street replaced. I’m assuming that it has to be done, even though that can be reasonably suspect after the Fountain Curve debacle a few years ago.
They did the proper paperwork, notices, bids etc.
They have paid special attention to safety and to the environmental concerns of working over a creek. However, the work space blocked off is for the entire business section between Butte and Shasta Streets, and it is blocked off 24-hours a day, so even Mt. Burney Theatre customers have no convenient parking after the construction hours.
To top it off there are signs to keep off the sidewalk in front of the north side businesses.
This project is supposed to last all summer.
The town of Burney isn’t exactly thriving and hasn’t been for years.
How many of these businesses can take the kind of hit they are being dealt?
If the experts can figure out how to save the fish under the bridge and the people working on it, you’d think they could figure out how to save the businesses that otherwise may not be there by the time they are done.

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