May 14, 2012


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A couple of things: First, Donna and my home was built in the 50’s and has almost as many creaks and hitches as I do.
One of those hitches was a sliding glass door to the back yard.
Because of arthritis of the rollers 75% of the time it had to be lifted and pulled to close.
Step in Scott Brulc of Scott’s Glass. Scott not only performed a back door transplant, he surgically removed the sliding glass door and replaced it with beautiful French doors.
They not only look beautiful, they open beautifully.
Thanks Scott.
Second, I have no desire or intention of getting embroiled or entwined in the potential lawsuit of Amy Mickelson against Bill Brunner, John Van den Bergh and the Community Services District (CSD).
As a party who uses and pays for water and sewer service from the CSD it concerns me that the District even has a web site with a blog that the public is tacitly encouraged to use to attack and belittle people. It concerns me even more that having been basically told by one of those who have been so attacked that they’d best clean up their act or they were going to be sued, and that they haven’t had the common sense to correct the problem to show good faith.
In my book the least they should do is delete any mention in any article or response to the offended party (Amy Mickelson), or eliminate the potential of being embroiled in that suit or possibly other suits, by eliminating the blog portion of their web page and stick to articles about the district and not attack those they don’t like for whatever reason.
The CSD board is in the process of considering a budget that requires a 10% rate increase and expect to take up the matter of that increase soon.
As a rate payer, I understand there may be an increase and I’ll reserve judgment on the need for 10% until they state their case. However, if the district becomes embroiled in a lawsuit, 10% isn’t going to touch their deficit.
It would be nice to see the board use their heads and immediately attempt to take steps to head the suit off.

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