April 9, 2012


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Ya know, whenever I think that maybe the Fall River Mills Community Services District is going to straighten out, they disappoint me.
The district’s general manager John Van den Bergh, and for that matter members of its board of directors, refuse to put their efforts into pumping water, moving sewage and maybe submitting a polite letter to LAFCO asking to have parks and recreation put back under its authority so it can legally take care of its park and any future park and recreation duties it may try to acquire.
Instead of checking with LAFCO to see what they needed before they bulldozed their way ahead, they got a hold of a consultant who produced studies LAFCO doesn’t need, because, by law, they produce their own or use a consultant mutually agreed upon by LAFCO and the district. They spend several thousand of dollars on these studies, refuse to or can’t produce records showing how much they spent because they didn’t take care of business and keep proper records to start with.
Almost smells like they are trying to hide something doesn’t it?
Now, having thrown away the several thousand of dollars that could have been used to repair or at least maintain the system, they continue to fight a losing battle to see how bad they can irritate the very people who have to eventually rule on the things they want.
It’s okay for people to make fools of themselves and spend their own money doing it. It’s not okay when they hire a manager that refuses to spend his time solving the problems in providing services to its customers with an antiquated system and instead creates a personal and district vendetta against other districts and against state mandated and regulated commissions and their staff.
If the board and its manager were acting legitimately and with any degree of maturity, they would give LAFCO what that commission needs to do their thing and get the district what it needs. If they thought they had a Chimaman’s Chance in Hell of being right, they’d get what they need from LAFCO and then sue them.
They don’t appear to have a legitimate claim that would hold up in court so they continue to posture, act like little kids in a sand box, whimper, cry and stomp their feet and drag everything out.
I’d love to find something else to write editorials about but until the CSD grows up, its board starts to act with some degree of maturity and they either straighten out their general manager or fire him, the ongoing saga of John’s personal vendetta against Amy will continue to be editorial material.
Unfortunately it isn’t helping the district or its customers customers.

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