August 27, 2013


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As anyone who reads this column on a regular basis knows, I’m not always a big fan of Cal Fire. They steal our money under the guise of providing public prevention and then have others do it for them. They sue outside people who accidentally cause fires and yet don’t prosecute their own people for setting backfires that backfire on them or other agencies like the Forest Service whose controlled burns get out of control.

And of course they make a big deal out of backing up local fire companies and fire departments, but only when they are in the area.

That said, their overall fire tactics over the years since the Fountain Fire have changed dramatically. They pour every resource on a fire that is available, the minute they get a report of a fire.

I’ve heard citizens complain, but you know what folks – it works and it works well. In the Lassen Park fire the Park Service failed to manage last year is a typical example of how not to fight a fire. We had seven fires Tuesday night, all of them could have been disastrous, they weren’t.

Thank you firefighters.

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