January 7, 2013

Independent Auditor Supports Board

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FALL RIVER MILLS — This is the second in a series of three stories regarding a letter written to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors by the former secretary to the Fall River Mills Cemetery District, Suz Crane, alleging that two of the board members, caretaker, and caretaker’s wife committed a variety of crimes.
Last week we examined her allegations regarding failure to bury ashes. While the matter was unfortunate, it was explained and there was nothing illegal or unethical that the Mountain Echo could discover and the matter is being taken care of.
This week’s segment will deal with Crane’s charges that board member Kathy Ontano was doing something illegal by having Crane take the maintenance man’s hours from the man’s wife and process the warrants.


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The Fall River Mills Cemetery District has its share of problems, the least of which isn’t an unhappy laid off employee and division amongst board members.
The cemetery district itself suffers from very tight finances which doesn’t allow them a lot of options. They don’t have the money to pay employees what they may be worth and often not give them the hours that will assure their retention.
They suffer from a struggle between those who don’t feel a need to stay abreast of current laws and current conditions, opting for the age old “that’s the way we’ve always done it” and others who want it done as is currently required.
Tight finances also means that there is little room for frills and no room for niceties that don’t pay the immediate bills.
The board was able to work their finances out with the County Auditor’s office, which gives them the option of borrowing money from their year-end tax revenue, thus allowing them to create enough cash flow to generally get through the lean months.
They hired a maintenance man, part time. He’s new and without experienced oversight missed some paperwork because he didn’t know where to look or the right people to ask. Unfortunate, yes. He knows now.
The board made a major mistake in allowing their part-time secretary to take paperwork out of the district office and now they are obviously paying for it.
The board has a ways to go. They’ve got to reach a workable compromise between themselves that assures that things are done in a practical manner yet meets all the current legal and ethical aspects of the laws under which they operate.
Beyond that – they are all good people, with good intentions, willing to put in more hours and take more do-do than they should. And these folks don’t try to hide their problems from the public or have grandiose agendas that they can’t afford.
At this point my hat is off to them and I wish them well.

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