November 26, 2012

Oversight Committee Okays $462,476

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FALL RIVER MILLS, – The Measure D Citizens Oversight Committee (COC) met last week to review and discuss expenditures, as well as business regarding the GO Bond. Discussion topics included:
Two members of the COC were appointed to present an Annual Report to the MMHD Board of Directors during the regular board meeting in February.
There is one slot open for membership on the COC. Interested parties should submit a letter of interest, attention to Marlene McArthur at Mayers Memorial Hospital District, PO Box 459, Fall River Mills, CA 96028.
Matt Rees, CEO, encouraged all members to attend the MMHD Open House on Friday, December 7th to see the updated equipment and renovations, some of which is being done through Measure D.
Approvals of expenditures totaled $462,476 in expenditures:
•Architect/Engineering – $271,139.61
• Legal/Equipment Planning – $16,393.70
• Seismic Wall – $20,642.32
• New Roofing – $92,172.20
• Flooring/Renovations – $62,128.03

Reading Fire Tour and Meeting Set

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FALL RIVER MILLS — The Hat Creek Ranger District will host a public meeting and field tour to review the impacts of the Reading Fire on public lands within the Forest boundaries.
The event is planned for Tuesday, December 4 beginning at 10:00 a.m. in the training room at the Hat Creek Work Center. Following the public meeting, a field tour of the Reading Fire area will give participants the opportunity to view firsthand some of the impacts of the fire. The meeting at the Work Center will take place even if weather or field conditions do not allow for the tour. The Hat Creek Work Center is on Highway 89, approximately 10 miles south of the junction with Highway 299.
Representatives of the Hat Creek Ranger District will be available to discuss potential treatment activities, such as reforestation and restoration efforts through the removal or cutting of fire-filled or fire-injured trees, and planting of seedlings.
Some travel will occur on gravel or unpaved roads so SUVs or high clearance vehicles will be necessary, and carpooling is encouraged to keep the number of vehicles to a minimum. Participants should dress in layers for cold weather, bring water and lunch, and wear foot gear for walking on uneven terrain.
Call Mary Price at the Hat Creek Ranger District office at 336-5521 or by sending an email to It is important to also include contact information in case of a weather- elated cancellation.

P G & E Burney Trouble Man Helped

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For Pacific Gas and Electric Company Troubleman Stan Boone (pictured on the right in the above picture with a co-worker), New York is “nothing like Burney.”
“The town never sleeps, especially Manhattan,” said Boone, who returned last week from New York where he spent two weeks helping Con Edison restore power in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
“There’s heavy traffic and lots of people.” Boone didn’t sleep much either. He worked 16-hour days in Queens and Brooklyn. Hurricane Sandy’s 100 mile per hour winds and flooding left neighborhoods with few trees standing and utility poles snapped in half.
There was plenty of work to do, and people living in their water damaged homes had been without power for weeks.
“They had tears of sorrow when we arrived, but after we heated them up, they had tears of joy,” said Boone, who has worked for PG&E for 27 years and lives in Fall River Mills. “Children hollered out as they could watch cartoons and the elders were happy to be able to cook.”


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We had a great Thanksgiving, Spent much of the day laying around, talking on the phone, texting, telling the kids and grandkids that we love them.
Dropped by a good friends house in the afternoon for a Champagne toast and a chance to see a couple we hadn’t had a chance to see in years.
After that it was off to the Veterans Hall to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner with a lot of good friends, excellent Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings, toast and a couple of drinks, good conversation and depending which team you were rooting for, a “good” ball game – Donna lost $5.
I couldn’t help but think about those who were away from their families, doing what they do so we could be in a safe environment, comfortably enjoying ourselves.
There are an awful lot of men and women in Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea, patrolling our coastline, and dozens of other places we probably don’t even know exist.
But, don’t forget the others, the men and women patrolling our streets and highways, keeping us safe in spite of ourselves, operating our ambulances and fire engines, staffing our hospitals, our clergy and so many more.
It doesn’t matter whether we live in the city, in the country, or wherever. We not only survive and thrive because of others, we depend on them without really thinking about it.
It wouldn’t be a pretty world without them and we owe them a lot.
If you want to have fun and at the same time really shock someone, corner one of these folks and simply say “Thank You!” and mean it.
I’m going to get on my annual high horse and preach a little.
Shop Locally this Christmas season. Thirty-eight years ago, when Donna and I first came back to the area, we could get almost everything we needed someplace between Adin and Burney.
It has been a long time and my memory may be a little faulty, but as I remember it there were two clothing stores and a shoe store in the Valley. There were three clothing stores in Burney. There was a combination rental, gas station store in McArthur, not to mention McArthur Merchantile, Sierra Market, Ready Eddy’s, Dubey’s Pizza, Western Auto, Valley Hardware, two farm equipment stores, Hiway Garage, the Theater, Sears and Wards catelog stores, A Hugh’s Printing satelite, NAPA, and Burney and Johnson Park were thriving but the handwriting was on the wall. The roads were too good. The environmentalists along with the Clinton Administration were making mincemeat of the timber industry and television service was becoming better and better and fewer and fewer folks spent their money at home.
Now we have a fraction of the services and goods we had 30-35 years ago. We also have a fraction of the jobs.
The world is changing and it will continue to change, but, we don’t have to disappear because it is changing.
While we need to try new things and do new things, it wouldn’t hurt to revisit some of the old things — like spending some of our money at home. It may well mean the difference of being able to in the future or not.

November 19, 2012

Charges Filed in Map Scam

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Tina St. James, the woman who sold several businesses in the area artistic advertising maps of the area last summer is in the process of filing bankruptcy.
However, according to Shasta County Sheriff ’s Sergeant Marc St. Clair, it won’t keep her from being prosecuted.

LAFCO Denies CSD Request

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REDDING — “Kill this.” Was the motion made at a public hearing last week by Local Agency Formation Commissioner ( L A F C o ) David Kehoe (pictured right) regarding the Fall River Valley Community Services District’s (district) sphere of influence (SoI).
The district’s application would have created a huge footprint 23,446 percent larger than its current sphere of influence (SoI). Had the application been approved the district’s sphere would have grown from 1,350 acres to 316,528 acres.

CSD Spends $35,000 on Attorney Fees

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FALL RIVER MILLS — The current financial statements okayed by the board of directors of the Fall River Valley Community Services District show an income for the current period of $42,999. That is approximately $990 better than budgeted. With the increase in revenue because of the recent fee increase the district’s water revenue compares to that raised last June when the Spring planting season was underway.
On the expense side, the district spent $46,727 during the current period which was $3,728 more than they took in. Their budget comparison shows that they are $51,930 in the red for the first four months of the fiscal year. A total of $28,696 is for depreciation, which doesn’t affect the actual monetary bottom line unless it has been physically put into a bank account for that purpose. They have, however, spent $35,986 for attorneys which is $31,986 more than budgeted.

Two Children Seriously Wounded

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BURNEY — A felon is back in jail, this time on Felony Child Endangerment charges and a bail of $500,000.
Unfortunately, one of his children, a 2-year old boy nearly had his leg severed and his 4-year old sister also has serious injuries, after the family’s 5-year old picked a weapon up and pulled the trigger.
Both were flown to U.C. Davis in critical condition following a blast from a sawed off shotgun allegedly left in reach of the children.

Kevin Robert Venia, (pictured above) who lives in the residence behind Totally Fit Gym on Main Street had pleaded no contest to felony corporal injury to a spouse, mis-demeanor child abuse and resisting arrest in 2007.
As a former felon it was illegal for him to possess a firearm or ammunition. Additionally sawed- ff shotguns are illegal.


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This area lost one of the finest, bravest men I’ve ever had the privilege to know a couple of weeks ago, Doyle Canada.
On the surface he and his widow, Sandy, were just really nice folks. They always had a smile and friendly conversation. Neither dwelled on the fact that they were both in wheelchairs.
They never dwelled on the bad, instead seemed to look at everything through rose colored glasses and that their cup was well over half full.
Doyle didn’t bow to disaster, he simply and quietly overcame the problems or found a way around them.
Like the rest of us, he went to work one night, fully expecting to do his job to the best of his ability and come home. Instead he was hit from behind, never saw it coming and was paralyzed from the waist down.
One moment he was a robust, father, husband, provider who enjoyed life to the fullest. The next, he was a paraplegic, confined to a wheel chair for life.
Did he let it get him down?
I didn’t hear much about him for about a year. Then someone showed me a picture Doyle had sent him.
It was of Doyle in his wheel chair, in the great outdoors he loved. It has been too long ago to remember for sure but he’d either been hunting or fishing and had bagged his trophy and if I remember right it had been taken in Alaska.
Every once in awhile over the next few years I’d see a picture or hear of his exploits. We’d run into each other at Rays Market or other local stores and chat. He was always doing just fine. He was always cheerful, proud of his family and full of life.
The last time I saw him was a couple of years ago at Burney Basin Days, he and Sandy and his son and daughter-in-law were selling beautiful metal garden sculptures. He was having the time of his life sitting in his wheelchair, under the canvas shade visiting.
Yes, he finally got called home, but not without having put up one heck of a fight.
 Personally, it was a real privilege to have known Doyle, and if something bad happens to me and I survive, I hope I can muster half the strength and courage he had and be able to follow his example.
On another topic, I have to admit that as long as I ignore the presidential and senatorial race I was pleased with the way the election went last week.
The hospital came out a real winner, keeping the two incumbents and picking up another board member with lots of experience.
The Shasta College race was a win, win situation with all three candidates in the position of doing a good job for our area. My guy didn’t win that one, but Judi did and will do a good job as she has for years.
I would have liked to have seen Diana Rogers win along with Ontano and Monath, but the district may be better off without having a clear majority from either side. Everyone will have to pay more attention to the needs of their constituents rather than personal preferences. That is a good thing.
Finally this is Thanksgiving week. We all have a lot to be thankful for. I suggest we follow Doyle Canada’s philosophy, figure out a way around whatever problems we have and enjoy the life that we have been dealt. While we’re at it, lets say a little prayer for Doyle.

November 12, 2012

LAFCO Staff Recommends Denial of CDS’s Plan to Influence 23,446% More Area Than They Currently Have

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REDDING – The Shasta LAFCO staff report on the Fall River Valley Community Services District’s(CSD) Sphere of Influence proposal was released November 6.
The document, along with maps and letters of comment, will be presented to the Commission at its Thursday, November 15 meeting.
The report shows that the CSD is proposing to add approximately 316,528 acres to their current Sphere, which is 1,350 acres.
The proposal represents a 23,446% increase over what it has now. The current sphere is currently the same as the district’s existing boundaries.

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