September 24, 2012

Refurbishing, Repairing and Updating Water Tanks Really Needs to be Done, but Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

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BURNEY – The Burney Water District has three seats available, and only two candidates have filed.
The County has notified the district, incumbents Roger Borkey and Tim McCammon will be appointed in lieu of election to fill the respective terms they filed for, one two year and one four year.
The incumbent sitting in the third seat, Fred Ryness, is recovering from a serious auto accident and was unable to indicate whether he wanted to retain his seat or step down.
Since they don’t have an answer they plan to keep him in the position until December. At that time they will submit his name for appointment if he wants to continue or submit the name of a possible replacement.
The board heard a presentation regarding full service of the district’s above ground water storage tanks from Utility Service Company Inc representatives Keven Barnes and John Snodgrass. The tanks are in need of refurbishing and repainting.
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Fire Destroys Sand Pit Road Residence

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An 8 a.m. fire destroyed the residence (above) of Kenneth Scott Elrod at the far northern end of Sand Pit Road outside of Cassel last Tuesday morning.
The fire, which also threatened the wildland, drew a large response of equipment from Cal Fire and nearby fire departments and companies Tuesday morning.

Photos by Walt Caldwell

A Cal Fire investigator was also called and there were several deputies present.
Elrod ordered Mountain Echo off the property and threatened to “whip your ___.”
The Cal Fire Battalion Chief had started turning around additional incoming equipment by 8:30 a.m. The Battalion Chief requested deputies because of threats made to the homeowner. Per homeowner, two Latin males were seen leaving the area on foot, and made a comment “How do you like that”, as the house was burning. No clothing description was given.

PG&E Used Planned Outage Effectively

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McARTHUR – During their announced, planned power-outage last Thursday night, PG&E changed out a transformer near the Pine Grove Cemetery just outside of town worked on eight power poles and installed bird guards on equipment to prevent them from causing outages and otherwise damaging the equipment.
The outage affected 1,029 customers, the bulk of whom had power restored by 5 a.m. Friday.’

Veterans Remember Their Missing Comrades

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Burney veterans took time Friday, October 21, to remember and read the names of the 1,655 missing in action or possible Prisoners of War not accounted for who were lost in the Vietnam War.
In total there are still 83,414 American military personnel unaccounted for from WWII to the current date.
Those who read, and those who were in attendance realize that behind each name is a person, a family, an unfulfilled legacy and someone who has given his or her all for their country and they will not be forgotten by our veterans and families.

Jeannette Ciriello Named Cattlewoman of the Year

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Jeannette Ciriello of Fall River Mills was recently honored by the Inter-mountain Cattle-Women as their CattleWoman of the Year.
An active member of the organization, Jeannette and her husband Mike moved to the Fall River Valley in 2000 from Tracy, California.
When her three children were small she went back to college to earn her teaching degree.
Between teaching and running her kids to all of their 4-H, Little League and school functions she was a busy mom and she still found time to teach grade school in Hayward.


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Beware of those who want to be on the Fall River Valley Community Services District board to expand services and territory to improve recreation and provide services instead of providing water and sewer and stabilizing its finances.
There’s nothing wrong with a special district that has a long-time track record of financial responsibility, solvency, good infrastructure and that is putting money away for a rainy day to look at these things, develop a viable plan, including budgets that accurately reflect the costs of such endeavors, going for them.
However, it appears to me that the Fall River CSD isn’t in that position. It has a terrible track record in management, finances, boardsmanship, planning and operation.
As examples, instead of spending its time trying to completely stabilize, its manager spends most of his time chasing dreams.
The district has just had a rate increase and is already spending money it doesn’t have budgeted and had promised it wouldn’t, on attorneys to carry forward on what appears to be a personal vendetta.
Instead of trying to get its own services completely under control and demonstrating that it can keep them under control they are trying to take their services into areas like hydro that they have little if any expertise, way outside of their boundaries, and then lie about their intent.
You can’t have illegal secret brown Act meetings, take illegal actions because you don’t want to give your intentions away, file to get preference in positioning with a regulatory agency and then tell the public a couple of meetings later that you are just lending your name to the project to help others.
It appears that you have current board members Jensen, Hall, Snyder and Gooch and former board member Briggs, all candidates, that have condoned this type of behavior and see nothing wrong with it. Their priority is parks, not seeing that people have water and sewer service and see nothing wrong in getting it any way they can.
There are other candidates – come to the upcoming Chamber of Commerce candidates night. Listen to the candidates make your choices, but make sure you will be able to get water out of your water tap and flush your toilet and have enough money you can pay the bill.

September 17, 2012

Negotiations Continue

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BURNEY – Pat Thomason of the Burney Chamber of Commerce told the Burney Fire Chief and Commissioners Wednesday afternoon that Jeff Forbis, President of the McCloud River Rail Road had been in touch with them and agreed to sell them the old depot and railroad property between the corner of Black Ranch Road and the property owned by Burney Disposal and the Burney Water District.

No West Nile Found

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BURNEY – The board of trustees okayed the payment of $2,055.28 in salaries for August, and commercial warrants totaling $3,579.52, the largest of which was $1,178.97 to Leo S. Jones Propane Service in their monthly meeting late Wednesday afternoon.
 District Manager Mike Churney reported that Richard P. Shanahan, Counsel for the Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California, had come back to the Association advising the member agencies that it was his recommendation that they continue to do what they had done by instinct and that was to continue to post their monthly agendas as they had when that portion of the Brown Act was in effect.

Water/Sewer Rates Go Up

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FALL RIVER MILLS – With only four protests against the proposed water rate increase and four against the proposed sewer rate increase the board unanimously voted to approve them. Sandy Jensen made the motion and Sky Snyder seconded it at the Fall River Community Services District board meeting Wednesday night.
The rate proposal’s public hearing, advertised for April 12 on the rate proposal as sent to the customers did not take place. Nor did anyone complain about it.
 There were objections about the manner in which the new regulations set sewer rates.

Accidents Jump 23 Times When Texting

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The message is clear – no text is worth dying for.
Debbie Fielder (above center) owner of Mad Mountain Wireless and her staff, Mimi Macfarlane (above left), Wendy Smith (above right) and students placed more than a hundred stickers on vehicles at both Fall River and Burney High Schools reminding students that Wednesday is National Do Not Text Day.
To help drive the point home, Mad Mountain will give students a great discount on accessories if they come into the store with their coupons.

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