June 25, 2012

Surprise – Surprise, Del Oro Customers Don’t want 55% rate Hike

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BURNEY – Del Oro Water Company’s Johnson Park customers filled the meeting room at the Burney Fire Hall last Thursday evening. Del Oro wants a 55% rate increase and its customers are not happy.
Del Oro, a privately owned company, supplies water to Johnson Park.. Neighboring Burney Water District uses voter approved bonds for major additions to the system like sewers and their monthly billings for delivery, operations and upkeep of the system. The nearby Fall River Mills Community Services District is governed by a different set of laws and the property owners pay taxes. The users there pay monthly billings for delivery, operations and upkeep of the system. That district is also making bond payments. Both Burney and Fall River are government special districts governed by state laws.

Bill Johnson resigns from CSD’s board

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FALL RIVER MILLS – Community Services District board chair Bill Johnson said Monday that he has resigned from the board. citing concerns about his health and family wellbeing. During the meeting, the board had to do business with the audience interrupting at will and refusing to settle down.
The Fall River Mills Community Services District board did make it official – the District’s blog will, at some unknown time frame become the Community Service District News with only the district’s manager having ability to put anything on it.
District Manager John Van den Bergh explained that the board may have violated the Ralph M. Brown Act at their last regular meeting when they ordered the blog shut down because it wasn’t agenized for board action. Nor was it so agenized for action last Wednesday night, precluding any immediate action.

Saleswoman Sells Map, Collects Money and Fails to Deliver

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A number of Intermountain Area business people happily signed up for a spot on colorful, illustrated 30+ by 24 inch, glossy, coated maps of unincorporated eastern Shasta County from Shingletown to the south to McArthur, Burney and Fall River to the north. They paid for the maps up front. Why not, the sales lady was pleasant, looked professional and had a good line. She gave each customer a copy of either the map she did for Chico or Redding merchants. She traded out at least one map order for lodging from the Fall River Hotel and one for newspaper advertising. That was in July and August of last year. They were led to believe the maps would be completed in three or four months and the contract called for a specific number of printed maps plus a framed print.
By December many of the customers began to call her to find out where their maps were. The cell phone was still good, but went to an answering machine. The web site remained up until June and then disappeared.

Construction Experts Answer Hospital Board’s Questions

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Burney – The Mayers Memorial Hospital District Board of Directors heard a presentation from construction management firm, Rudolph and Sletten and architects ANOVA-Nexus last Friday.
Some concerns of board members were addressed regarding the involvement of legal representation and why it is necessary. Currently, Lisa Del Gallo of Hanson and Bridget has been providing legal advice and preparing documents for the construction process. According to representatives for the construction management firm, “It is common on public jobs to have legal council.” It was noted that most of the work needed by the attorney has been completed and there shouldn’t be a lot more.

Nakanishi Dies, is Replaced by Mallory

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SUSANVILLE – Jon Nakanishi (pictured left), 42, a Susanville Attorney and the number two candidate for Superior Court Judge for Lassen County is dead.
According to the Website, Nakanishi suffered an apparent heart attack while rafting with his family on the Truckee River June 16. He was taken to the Intensive Care Unit at Tahoe Forest Hospital in Truckee, where he died on the evening of June 21. He was married and the father of three.
Earlier this month, Nakanishi garnered 1,950 votes for the judgeship,second behind Bob Burns who had 2,322 and ahead of Tony Mallory (pictured right) who had 1,540. Since no candidate had garnered the required 50%+1 Nakanishi was set for a November runoff against Burns. With his death, the runoff will be between Burns and Mallory


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I attended two meetings last week, the Community Services District meeting in Fall River Mills and the Del Oro rate meeting in Burney. I have to admit that I’ve become accustomed to the small group of people in the Fall River Valley who show their upbringing and maturity by coming to meetings with the sole purpose of wasting everyone’s time, screaming, interrupting, going off on tangents and making it hard for the board to do business in a civil, businesslike manner.
However, Del Oro Water Company had its own set of people who were basically just as loud, shouting over other people, interested only in displaying their anger, disrupting the meeting and otherwise acting like undisciplined 2-year-olds. It made it difficult for others in the audience to listen to the presentations, voice their displeasure with the potential increase, present their complaints and make their points or let everyone else have an uninterrupted chance to do the same.
In the case of the Fall River CSD, they apparently feel that it is a town square where they can stand on a soap box and vent on any topic they chose whether or not it pertains to the district or business at hand. There are times and places for everything and to waste a board and audience’s time ranting may be a comical sideshow but fails to accomplish anything but waste everyone’s time.
In the case of the Del Oro water rate meeting, everyone in the audience was mad, everyone wanted to let the company and the representative from the Public Utility know they were mad. But it could have been done civilly. At least at that meeting, everyone stuck to the issue and I’m sure the company representatives and PUC representative got the message that the people were irate.
How much faster would meetings go, how much more business would be done, how much better would they be understood if everyone spoke quietly, gave each other the courtesy of listening to what they said, stuck to the business at hand, didn’t interrupt or talk to hear themselves talk and were polite enough to allow the meetings reach a timely conclusion so everyone can go home?
There were some good points made in Burney, beyond the fact that it was difficult if not impossible to hear more than the two or three loud mouths in the back of the room. There were some good suggestions, but again, they were hard to sift out.
Unnecessary public displays of tempers and rantings may make the individuals feel important (probably wouldn’t if they could see their performance in a mirror), but it generally makes those who have to listen to it a lot less receptive and a whole lot less cooperative.
It is one thing for kindergartners to have tantrums, it is quite another thing for 40-70 year-olds to act like kindergartners with distemper. What happened to civility?

June 18, 2012

Fire District Continues Moratorium

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BURNEY – The Commissioners of the Burney Fire Protection District’s board continued their moratorium of the Community Facilities District, for another year. The district, formed the CFD in 2006 as a way to put the tax burden for district improvements caused by development on the development and not the current tax payers. The moratorium was put into place in 2008 because of the declining housing, development and real estate markets. The board extended the moratorium a year.
District Secretary Cindy Cooley told the board that there were two four-year terms up for election and one two year term. Board Chair Bob Moore, and Commissioner Roger Valinoti currently hold the four -year seats and Commissioner Barry “Moe” Shapiro is in the two-year seat. The required resolution was passed without any of the affected commissioners indicating whether they would run for re-election.

Budget Sent Back to Committee for Cuts

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FALL RIVER MILLS – Fall River Valley Community Services District board spent considerable time listening to a variety of opinions of the district’s proposed budget before reaching a compromise, sending it back to the budget committee for further cuts. The $427,674 operating budget plus an additional $70,483 in expenses not offset system improvements already approved by the board, bond payments at an ambitious $84,000 in depreciation left the original budget $74,557 in the red.
The budget was controversial because the board expects to start the procedure for a rate increase to generate the additional income needed by the district.
The budget presented Wednesday night left a 10% deficit. In an effort to walk the financial tightrope between customer and district needs, the board compromised and sent the budget back to committee instructing them to figure out how to cut the overage in half, to 5%.

Giacomini Wins Seat

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It is official and the final results are in, Giacomini is the new District 3, Shasta County Supervisor and Aaron Albaugh is the new District 4, Lassen County Supervisor. The only step left is for their respective boards of supervisors to vote to accept the results.
The final report from Shasta County shows that Giacomini ended up with 50.31% of the vote with 4,442 votes to Patrick Jones’ final of 36.19% with 3,196. Fred Ryness had 13.08% with 3,196.
In Lassen County the results verified that Aaron Albaugh had a winning 785 votes for 59.47%. Kurt Bonham picked up 373 votes for 28.28% and Thomas Spanton had 158 votes for 11.97%.

Schools’ Budget Shrinks

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McARTHUR – The Fall River Joint Unified School District Board of Trustees were presented with the draft budget outline for the 2012-2013 school year at a budget workshop following last week’s regular meeting. The budget will be up for approval at the June 27th meeting.
For the first time in many years, the district will be receiving less than $10 million in new revenues. Business manager, Teresea Spooner said that the new revenue has never been under $10 million in the years she has worked for the district. Projected revenues are at $9,848,576 for the coming school year. A combination of budget cuts and declining enrollment are all factors in this number. The district is budgeting for a reduction in Average Daily Attendance (ADA) dollars from the state.

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