May 28, 2012

SRA Fee Has People Smoldering

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REDDING – A fee by any other name is still a tax. About 80 people turned out last Wednesday to let three members of the California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection (BOF) know that the widely unpopular proposed State Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Benefit Fee (Benefit fee) is just that, a tax.
The BOF web site, “Whether a levy is a tax or a fee depends upon who imposes the levy, who pays the levy and the purpose of the levy. A tax raises money from any or all citizens, is contributed to the general fund and is spent for the benefit of the entire community. A levy is typically collected by an agency from a particular industry or segment of the community and is used to provide narrow benefits or defray the costs of regulation.” As authorized by the California Constitution, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger issued a proclamation declaring a fiscal emergency on Dec. 6, 2010, which resulted in changes to the Budget Act of 2011. After coming into office, Governor Jerry Brown reaffirmed the fiscal emergency and issued his own proclamation that a fiscal emergency existed on Jan. 20, 2011.

Drivers can expect 17 minute delays on 299 through September

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REDDING – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and contractor Jaxon Baker is anticipated to begin work June 4, on a pavement project on State Route 299 near Montgomery Creek, 0.3 mile west of Backbone Ridge Road to Big Bend Road.
The project will include digging out the roadway and paving. Work is expected to take place in 18 hour shifts, Monday through Friday and for an estimated 25-30 days, then 10 hour shifts will start from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. through September. Travelers can expect up to 17 minute delays.
For more information please contact the Public Information Office at (530) 229-0511.

Volunteers are Important to Hospital Operations

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Fall River Mills – Director of Volunteer Services, Margaret Truan, reported to the Mayers Memorial Hospital District last week. She reported that volunteer contributed 23,305 hours last year. “At the estimated value of volunteer time for 2011 of $21.79 per hour, our volunteers saved the hospital $507,815.” Hospice tops the list in number of volunteer hours with 5076, followed by the thrift store at 3824. The ancillary areas had 3020 and the hospital gift shop logged 2771 volunteer hours. Other areas of volunteer work include Pastoral care services, gardening, acute care, junior volunteers, senior projects and event fundraisers.


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Politics is one of those things where folks are going to love someone, hate someone or throw their hands in the air and say the heck with it.
Regardless of whether you love them or hate them there are two whose actions have affected our lives dramatically for a number of years, who are retiring and who deserve a big thank you – Congressman Wally Herger and Shasta County Supervisor Glenn Hawes. They did an awful lot of work to get their jobs. They did an awful lot of work to keep their jobs. That means that they did their best to represent us. They must have done what we wanted because they held their jobs for years. Thank you guys. We may not have always agreed. We may not have seen eye-to-eye, but you had the guts to do the job, put up with the guff and I appreciate you. Have a wonderful time during your retirement, get reacquainted with your families and do all the things you weren’t able to do because of your work schedules.
I’m going to endorse some folks and give you my reasons for endorsing them. I’m not going to cut their opponents down. Anyone who runs for an office should be thanked for having enough interest in what is going on around them to want to make a difference and to put up with the heat that goes with the territory.
I’m endorsing Pam Giacomini for Shasta County Supervisor for District 3.
One of the most important things about Pam is that she is a lifelong resident of the area. She grew up on a ranch and owns and operates a ranch. She is also a business woman. She has donated considerable time to her communities through the Burney Chamber of Commerce and the Burney/Fall River Soroptimists. We can find her if we need her help, vent our unhappiness or lobby for something. She has serious connections in government where she was a lobbyist and later on the State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection and was chairman of the subcommittee that dealt with the SRA Fee. She was one of those who opposed passing that fee. She knows how government works and she is well aware of the issues.
I am endorsing Aaron Albaugh, He is a Big Valley Rancher, lifelong resident of that Valley and from everything I have observed will do his best to represent Big Valley and Lassen County.
I’m endorsing Tony Mallory for judge because he has a good record as a lawyer in Lassen County and has spent considerable time in the Big Valley area finding out what the people of the area need and want out of a judge. I believe he is intelligent, honest, and will operate his court in the best interests of those who appear in front of him.
I’m endorsing Republican Brian Dahle for Assembly. He is a lifelong resident of the area. He is a rancher and businessman out of Big Valley. He is a four-term Lassen County Supervisor who has years of experience dealing with the state government and representing rural northeastern California and is part of a team that has managed to keep Lassen County out of the red financially. We will be able to talk to him, reach him when we need him and let him know if we are happy or unhappy.
I’m going to break my rule about “shopping local” and endorse Republican Doug LaMalfa for Congress. He has spent a lot of time up here during his tenure in the state assembly and Senate.
He is a rancher who has gone the extra mile to fight for northeastern California. He has always returned my phone calls. He has always listened. He is more than willing to talk with us. He is an experienced legislator who knows the players and has experience at getting things done. When elected he can hit the ground running
I started this out by saying I was going to talk about the positive, so I’m ending my endorsements with this. Those who think their vote doesn’t count need to remember that the ocean is made up of trillions upon trillions of “one” drops of water. I’ve told you how, since I’m a resident of Shasta County, I’m going to vote and how I would vote if I was in Lassen County. If you don’t agree with me, vote for others, – either way – vote.

May 21, 2012

Fire Departments Get a $366,250 Grant

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The local Fire Departments from Cal Pines to Burney joined forces for a regional Homeland Security Grant of $366,250 to purchase a life fire training trailer.
Hart Beebe, McArthur Volunteer Fire Department training officer worked with his district, the Burney, Fall River Mills Northwest Lassen, Big Valley, Lookout, Adin, Canby and CalPines districts and won the regional grant for the mobile training device that will allow local volunteer firefighters to be safely trained in up-to-date methods of structure firefighting. It will be housed in Burney, but is mobile and can be moved to meet the training needs of the various departments.
It can be used by several agencies at the same time which is expected to give the departments a chance to become more familiar with each other as they work together.
The trailer, using simulated fires will be used to teach local firefighters how to properly and safely rescue trapped occupants whether citizen or injured fire fighters and a number of other training scenarios to provide them with the standards necessary to meet state and national guidelines.

Livestock Deaths Not a Wolf Kill

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LOOKOUT – OR-7 has been hanging around the Lookout area for the past several days.
While wolf enthusiasts are delighted at the prospect of reintroducing the gray wolf back into California, many in the rural northeastern portion of the state are unhappy with the prospect.
Ranchers in the area, with herds already plagued by predators like the Mountain Lion and Coyotes fear for their livestock and they got a scare last week.
The J.C. Moores of Lookout woke up to find a dead cow and newborn calf last Friday. They had been damaged by a predator.
They were asked to preserve the scene and Fish and Game biologist Richard Shinn from Alturas and others responded. They determined that the tracks at the scene were those of coyotes, not Wolves. A necropsy indicated that the cow had a collapsed uterus.

Enterprise Zone Benefits Explained

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McArthur – The Fall River Municipal Advisory Committee met last week and hosted a presentation regarding the Shasta Metro Enterprise Zone. Michele Petersen of the Economic Development Corporation was present to provide audience members with information on the proposed expansion of the zone into Eastern Shasta County.

Water District Contracts With Auditors

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BURNEY – The board of directors of the Burney Water District voted to accept a three year proposal to continue having their annual independent audits performed by Has, Theobald and Auman, their current auditor. They indicated that they were happy with the firm’s performance, their rate was comparable to what they were currently charging and the continuity was important.
District Manager Willy Rodriquez’s spending limit on the aerator and control replacement project at the sewage lift station on Black Ranch Road was increased from $25,000 to $34,000. Rodriquez explained to the board that the original estimate he had given them did not include the cost of the wiring and installation.

Del Oro Wans to Up Water Rates by 55%

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JOHNSON PARK – Del Oro Water Company, the company that provides water to Johnson Park residents and businesses has started the process to ask the California Public Utilities Commission to raise rates by 55.13% this year. They estimate that the average customer on a 5/8th in meter will pay $41.65 a month. It will be $62.48 for 3/4” meters.
Del Oro has scheduled a public hearing for June 21st, 6:30 p.m. at the Burney Fire Hall to explain the increase process and to take comments.

The Bridge Tear Down Underway

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BURNEY – There’s a lot of heavy equipment and manpower working on the bridge over Burney Creek these days. Much of the westbound lane has been demolished and the debris hauled off. Careful consideration was given the ecology, with proper diversion. Careful consideration was given safety with cones, blockades etc. But Merchant’s say no consideration was given the merchants. In addition to the noise they have lost all parking for the entire block on either side of the bridge, signs say the sidewalk is closed.

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