March 26, 2012

Fair to Offer Variety of Entertainment

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There will be something for everyone at the annual Inter-Mountain Fair of Shasta County this Labor Day Weekend. Fair Manager, Bob Macfarlane updated fair board of directors at this month’s meeting on the variety of entertainment that will fill the schedule.
It was previously announced that there would be “cage fighting”. Fair staff and directors want to emphasize that it is MMA – Mixed Marshal Arts and is California Athletic Commission sanctioned. This event will be Friday night.

Woman Picks Wrong Men to Ride With

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Elizabeth Couts (pictured above), formerly of Burney, was arrested for the second time in a year, for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong person, and having an outstanding warrant.
The first time, last November, Shasta County Sheriff ’s deputies shot and killed her companion after he ran from them and then attacked one, seriously injuring him.
The second time, a concerned citizen called in a suspicious vehicle in the Fig Tree Lane area at about 8:18 am. The vehicle matched the description of a 2003 Chrysler 300 reported stolen the night before.

It’s Hell to Grow Old

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Dorothy Rodi is an obviously sharp, articulate 84-year-old lady whose mind doesn’t wander, who speaks her piece, asks for clarification if she couldn’t hear what was said, knows those around her and what she wants and needs. Life hasn’t been terribly kind to her. She is frail, has lost one eye, is hard of hearing, doesn’t have teeth and is all but confined to a wheelchair.
 She has her own tidy bedroom in an equally tidy two-patient assisted living home in the rural Redding area. The modest home is in a peaceful area, in a fenced, neat and well-kept yard. She is cared for by the owner and licensee of the facility Emma Hensley, two aides, and a friend, all who obviously care about her. She met her friend, a former nurse, when the lady was assigned to her as a hospice volunteer during a period of time when the doctors didn’t think she had very long to live.

Mayers Finances are In the Black

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Good news was abundant at the Mayers Memorial Hospital District’s board meeting last Thursday. Board President Jim Hamlin, CEO Matt Rees and the other board members were pleased with the current month’s financials. There is $4.1 million dollars currently due in accounts payable and no pending payables over 90 days old. The approved current revenue and expense sheet proves that the “bottom line is nice” according to Vice President Allen Albaugh. The district ended the month of February $412,000 in the black with a bottom line of $619,000 to the good for the fiscal year.  


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I feel guilty about what happened to Dorothy Rodi because I’m partially to blame.
Mrs. Hensley called me when I did the story on Riverview to tell me what was happening.
It was a story that wasn’t really in Mountain Echo’s coverage area. While it sounded like another example of total disregard for the rules and law by Community Care Licensing, it sounded to me like something the agencies like the Ombudsman’s office or Adult Protective Services should look into.
I told Mrs. Hensley to contact the Ombudsman’s office because I had covered another situation and that ombudsman, now retired, had impressed me.
I didn’t have any way to know that all is not as it appears when it comes to these agencies.
I was sure that the representatives would spend time listening to Dorothy Rodi, and make sure that no one would hurt her.
Instead, whoever handled it, failed to spend enough time on the case to even determine that she had a sound mind and knew what she was talking about even if her body had betrayed her.

March 19, 2012

Chief Waiting on Tax Figures

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BURNEY – Fire Chief Ray Barber told his board last Wednesday afternoon that he was still waiting for tax figures from the county for the Cassel area so he can get an idea of what services the district can provide that area.
He went on to say that it had to be a win-win for everyone. If his board didn’t like it, it wouldn’t go forward. If the people in Cassel didn’t want it, it wouldn’t go forward. If it wasn’t good for the district it wouldn’t go forward.
As of Wednesday there had been no movement on the SRA tax. Thursday, after the meeting, Assemblyman Nielsen, Senator La- Malfa and the Jarvis Tax Committee announced they were introducing legislation to get the SRA tax repealed.

Bill Estes Joins CSD Board

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FALL RIVER MILLS – Bill Estes was appointed to the Fall River Valley Community Services District’s board of Directors Wednesday evening. Estes, has well over 20 years experience on that district’s board, serving as board member and board chair when Cecil Ray was the district’s manager. He was there when the sewer system was approved and constructed. He came back in 2010 for a few months, filling a short-term vacancy. Appointed again, his current term will expire at the end of this year along with all of the other four directors.
District Manager John Van den Bergh told his board that the district does not have an easement for the well it put in at the corner of Dee Knoch and the Cassel- Fall River Road south of Fall River Mills.
Estes said he thought the well had gone in two years after he left the board, while Buzz Sordahl was the manager. Van den Bergh said the well had been abandoned twice.

Fred Ryness Joins the District 3 Supes Fray

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BURNEY – Fred Ryness, the current chair of the Burney Water District, tossed his hat in the ring at the last moment for Shasta County Supervisor of District 3.
Ryness said he is running because it’s time for someone in Eastern Shasta County to take a turn.
“I can fairly represent all of the folks living in the district.” He said.
He is an Anderson High School and Shasta College graduate. He has a Bachelors in Science from Humboldt State, a lifetime teaching credential and holds a timber operator’s license.
He and his wife Charlene have been married 44 years and have raised three children.
He has been a member of the Intermountain Baptist Church for 35 years and is deeply religious.

Budget Cuts Keep District Solvent

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Joint Unified School District’s business manager, Teresa Spooner presented a proposed three year budget at last Wednesday evening’s school board meeting.
She says the District’s General Fund projected ending cash balance of $1,275,879 for (fiscal year ending June 2012) is positive. She is basing her assessment on the 2011/2012 Second Interim Budget. All five of the board members had to sign off on the budget cuts in order to keep the District solvent.
In spite of “extreme cost saving measures” and grants, danger still looms in the future for local schools. Spooner said.
As a result of state deferrals and transportation cuts, serious cash flow projections are predicted. For this reason, the current budget runs the risk of receiving a “Qualified” certification. This means ultimately that the District may not meet its financial obligations. Spooner says the inherent message is that it may be up to parents and community members to become proactive and send an SOS to legislators on both a local and state level to communicate that transportation cuts and deferrals in education threaten our children and community.


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Most, in fact all but one, of the district managers that I have known over the 35 years that I’ve been covering the news in the Intermountain Area, have taken the effort to understand the laws, procedures and idiosyncrasies driving the other agencies they have to deal with, especially if they have to rely on the agency to do something for them. They do that as a matter of business practice because they know that in the long run, that is exactly how it will be done.
Most district managers I have known can be categorized as a lady or a gentleman. Few have been rude or tried to bully people, especially people they need. I only recall six who treat or have treated people badly in public. I only know of one who asked for help, favors or approval and then viciously attacked them when he didn’t get what he wanted, when he wanted it.

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