January 31, 2012

Mayers Hospital District and LAFCo working to expand the district’s boundaries

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The Mayers board of directors met with LAFCo representatives Monday and have begun an effort to expand the district’s current boundaries.
The district wants to expand its boundaries to the east to include the same boundaries set for the Big Valley School District, as well as areas to the north and west which they already serve.
Mayers CEO Matt Rees says LAFCo gave them good news. The district can actually expand their boundaries as long as no more than 25% of the people in the affected areas are against it.
Shasta LAFCo will be the lead LAFCO since it is the LAFCo that deals with the current district. It will negotiate with the counties, Rees says.
The taxpayers in the areas to be annexed will not pay any additional taxes. The hospital district will be added to the lists of entities already sharing the tax revenue collected by the various counties and will receive a share of those dollars.
Rees says Shasta LAFCo is starting on maps for Mayers. Once the Mayers board receives the maps, they can fine-tune the boundaries and work with the individuals living in the affected areas.

January 30, 2012

Candidates discuss views

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By Valerie Lakey
Mountain Echo reporter
FALL RIVER MILLS – The Intermountain Tea Party hosted a Candidate’s Night last week to provide the community with a chance to get to know candidates for Assembly, Congress and Shasta County Supervisor. Not all candidates were in attendance, but those who were had the opportunity to present their platform and history in a brief five minutes and answer a few questions.

“You know you’re in Burney…”

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By Ron Mosher
Mountain Echo reporter
BURNEY – Do you remember swimming in Burney Creek as a youngster? How about roller skating at Mount Burney school? Or, how about Bing Crosby leading the Burney Basin Days Parade? Maybe the Family Liquor Store clock at Burney Bowl?
If you remember any of the above, then you must have spent some time during your lifetime living in Burney.
Last summer, Peggy Turner Prescott started a facebook page entitled, “You know you are from Burney when…?” and the popularity of the social media page exploded with members fondly sharing their memories of living in Burney at one time or another from the 1940’s right up until the present. Within its first week, more than 400 people tuned in and joined the fun of reminiscing and telling stories of their time in town. Now, with more than 840 members and 240 photographs, the site has furnished the outgrowth of a planned Town Reunion set for July 6-8 in conjunction with the annual Burney Basin Days celebration this summer.

PUC to give Smart Meter option

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By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
The California Public Utilities Commission okayed a draft of a PG&E Smart Meter Program modification to include an option for residential customers who do not wish to have a wireless Smart Meter installed at their location to have an analog meter. When signed, it will allow the change, but will place an initial charge for the change of between $10 and $90 and a monthly fee thereafter of between $5 and $10 for not having the Smart Meter.

School District faces major crisis

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BURNEY – A room filled to capacity was on hand to hear the most recent budget projections from the Fall River Joint Unified School District (FRJUSD). The bottom line is the state’s inability to solve its financial crisis is now being passed on the educational system. The problem is some districts are taking harder cuts than others. For the 2012-2013 school year it amounts to $700,000 for FRJUSD.

Employees lauded, billing panned

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By Valerie Lakey
Mountain Echo reporter
Fall River Mills – Employee and group recognition is very important and a new effort for recognition has been set up in the Mayers Memorial Hospital District. The Board of Trustees was brought up to date on several items, including a new recognition program. Margaret Truan has organized a group of volunteers whose main function is department recognition. A calendar has been established for each month throughout the year. This month CRNA’s and the activities staff have been honored.

Fair theme sought

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By Valerie Lakey
Mountain Echo reporter
McARTHUR – The Inter-Mountain Fair of Shasta County takes place each Labor Day weekend. Plans for events, décor and entries all revolve around one thing, the theme. If you have a great idea for a fair theme, now is the time to submit it. Entry deadline for the theme is February 16. Ideas may be submitted to the fair office in person, by mail (P.O. Box 10, McArthur) or by email ( The winning entry will receive to admission wristbands for this year’s fair.

Wolf in Lassen County

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The gray wolf designated OR7 has remained in California since he crossed the state line on Dec. 28. The latest released documentation shows he was between Likely and Madeline in the vicinity of Hwy 395. The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) closely monitors the wolf’s position and progress, and will report on his status through a new website at
While OR7 is the only documented wolf in California, any wild gray wolf that returns to California is protected under the Federal Endangered Species Act, administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).


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Community involvement is important and I was delighted to see that a lot of people turned out to listen to the political candidates and the informational meeting about the financial problems the Fall River Joint Unified School District is facing.
The political system has finally reached a point from the county level to the federal level that it can’t be ignored and we need informed, interested citizens involved who will hopefully hold the politicians feet to the fire and steer it in a better direction.
My compliments to the Tea Party and the School District for hosting good – informative meetings and everyone who attended for having the interest and taking the time.

My thoughts

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By Valerie Lakey
Mountain Echo reporter
I attended the Candidate’s Night last week and was very pleased to see a full house. It is great to see so many people get out to hear what the candidates have to say. With that, I have a few thoughts.
First of all, the Intermountain Tea Party did a wonderful job setting it up and providing a great format. Yes, a format to follow. As an audience member we must remember that in the interest of time, it was set up to run smoothly. If you had a question, you were to fill out a card. As a member of the audience, we were there to listen to a biography of the candidates and hear how they answered the questions that were written on the cards. Everyone had a chance to fill out a card. It was not a debate. Our job was to listen, take that information and determine if the candidate was someone we would want to support.
I was disappointed that was not always respected. I heard snickers, disagreements, blurted out comments and questions from the audience when people were not in agreement. I respect that people have a right to their opinion. I didn’t agree with everything I heard. The fact is though, that these candidates are stepping up and trying to make a difference. We owe them respect for that. If we disagree, we put that information in our minds and use it when deciding how to cast our votes.
The other thing I was disappointed with was that there was not one question posed about education or healthcare. Two topics I believe are a lot more important than pipelines.
Overall, I am thrilled that so many people came out that night. I just believe that these candidates are taking a big plunge and unless we are willing to do it, we should offer them respect and listen to what they have to say…then make our decisions.

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