December 23, 2011


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It has been a long, hard year for a lot of folks economically. It has been a tragic year for others. Yet, in spite of the difficulties, tragedies and our differences, the Intermountain Community pulled together to help those less fortunate.
We have had major fundraisers to help those in need. We have had fundraisers to help research illnesses that afflict some of us. Thanks to the generosity of those in our communities, they have all been successful.
Yes, we’re facing hard times. Houses are monetarily under water. Some folks have lost their homes. Some businesses are teetering economically. Gas prices have gone through the roof. The Postal Service may close some of our post offices. The state has dumped their prisoners into the mainstream, which can’t help but increase crime in the area.
But, economic slumps generally prove to be temporary, We like to gripe about it, but we have never counted on the County, State or Federal Government for real help. They have always been a hindrance.
More importantly, we have people who care. We have people who provide and run food banks, a soup kitchen, hospice, fund raisers for those in need, fire, ambulance and hospitals.
We belonged to a caring community in 2011 and we’ll belong to a caring community in 2012.
We are strong, resilient, we care and we are willing, as individuals, small groups and communities to help.
I was proud to say I’m an Intermountain Area citizen in 2011 and I’m looking forward to 2012.

Mayers Audit shows a turn around

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By Valerie Lakey
Mountain Echo reporter
Burney -”Kudos to you all and your team,” was the word from Bill Peterson of Matson & Isom regarding the recent financial audit of the hospital district. “There has been a large turn around from last fiscal year.”
Figures as of June 30, 2011 compared to a year earlier show current assets of the district are up from $4.47 million in 2010 to $5.54 million. Cash and equivalents have increased to $1.2 mil from $197,000 in 2010. In addition, patient accounts receivables are down $300,000 from 2010. Total assets have grown from $9.6 million to $15.3 million and the net assets have gone from a deficit in 2010 to $940,000 in 2011. Expenses are also down $360,000
The audit report was good news and it was noted that a significant paragraph had been removed from the opening statement. In 2010, the accounting firm noted that it didn’t believe the district could remain in operation with the financial trends at that time. “We have removed that statement from this year’s audit. Mayer’s has made some very positive improvements and looks to be moving in the right direction.” Peterson said.

The year 2010 in review(Part 1 of 2)

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By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
If I was going to put a label on 2011, I would call it the year of generosity.
It started in January when Fall River High School Senior Kevin Haydock used his senior project to raise money to help the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation find a cure because his friend was a victim of the disease. The Fall River American Legion helped him put on the Bingo and the citizens played bingo.
There are other examples, including at least three fundraisers after Baby Sophia Kammerer received a heart transplant the community came out in force to help the Kammerer and Martin Families defray expenses. There was a golf tournament coordinated by Tami Allison with the generous support of the Fall River Golf Course and dozens of others, not to mention the players. There was a car wash put on by Fall River High School Junior Carly Brown and a pink balloon sale and release at the Fall River Homecoming put on by student Mariah Shannon, again with generous support of the communities.
The Walks for Breast Cancer were charities that also gained a lot of support. The Ta-Ta’s from Burney walked in San Francisco, as did Monica Lommen of Fall River Mills.
Burney Seniors Bailey Hovis and Cynthia Schoepflin put on a very successful walk through Burney.
Fall River High School students Natalie Gomez and Lupia Venegas adorned Fall River and McArthur with Pink Ribbons and Brianna Petersen also a student put on A relay for life to raise funds for a cancer cure and The Jody Lyford benefit golf tournament was the senior project of Broc Putnam.
Sure, we’ve had our share of tragedies and triumphs throughout 2011, but the kindness and generosity of our communities top my list as to how I will remember 2011.

The highlights of what happened by month:

Hi everyone. Merry Christmas.

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I am so happy to have my family with me. December has been really hard on my own but with my husband and daughter here I felt strong again. Sophia had a hard week and a half. She was withdrawing off adivan and methadone. She puked every day and didn’t sleep for six nights. It was hard. But now that Jeremy is here he has been helping with the night shift and I feel like I am getting my brain back. Sophia is also feeling much better. She and Nina are so cute together. This time as a family is so important for us. Because of all of you who had helped and supported us the girls will have a wonderful Christmas. It made me feel so good to be able to give them some nice gifts. Ronald McDonald also gives each child four free gifts for Christmas. Isn’t that amazing. They have a toy drive and people from the community donate. We are so blessed this year. At first it was really hard for me to not be home for the first Christmas and not having a tree and all the little things like the cookie exchange that I love. I miss seeing my grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles. But as soon as Jeremy and Nina came I started to feel better. Hopefully I will be home soon and I won’t feel this emptiness. I dream of the ranch every night but with my family here to hold me and Sophia doing better I feel more at peace. Like I said we are blessed this year and I soo appreciate everyone out there who has been so wonderful and supportive. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. With love.
The Kammerer family.

Traffic stop results in bust

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BURNEY — A routine traffic stop turned into a major criminal bust December 18.
Highway Patrol Officer J.D. Mostoufi stopped a 2002 red Cadillac Escalade on Highway 89 at Cassel Road for doing 70 mph in a 55-mph zone.
Mostoufi says that he smelled the odor of alcohol coming from inside the vehicle when he approached.
All three of the men inside admitted that the passengers had been drinking. They were en route to Portland from Reno. All three had Los Angeles addresses.
Mostoufi says he found that the driver had also been drinking but was not under the influence of alcohol.
While conducting a probable cause search of the car for alcohol, he found and seized 104 counterfeit credit cards, five fake California and Oregon Identification cards, approximately $2,000 in merchandise that had been purchased with the fake credit cards and over $6,000 in cash obtained by cash advances made with the fake credit cards. Additionally the driver had been using a false name. Raul Hernandez Pinal, 47, Jose Juan Quezada, 29, and Leon E. Bacilio-Sanguino, 37, were arrested.

December 19, 2011


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The concept being floated that the residents of Fall River Mills will not have to pay their share of the cost of a water tower or tank if the district decides to put one in McArthur, doesn’t hold water (so to speak).
The water system in McArthur is not separate. The water is currently pumped from the district’s well in McArthur and used by citizens in Fall River Mills.
Water is stored and returned into the system from tanks in Fall River Mills. The two towns are on the same water system and have paid for the same water system.
If an additional tank or tower is put in McArthur, it will help equalize the pressure throughout the district, add storage for the entire district and allow the district the luxury of having a storage facility to use regardless of whether one is off-line for whatever reason or not.
Everyone in the district has paid for and is paying for the current system. Everyone has and is benefiting from the current system and everyone will benefit from any improvements to that system.
When the Fall River Fire District gave the existing tanks in Fall River to the CSD, boosting Fall River’s water pressure, McArthur residents did not benefit equally from that addition, but they paid for the refurbishing of those tanks over the years because they used the water.
The only way the theory that McArthur would be the only one to benefit and therefore should be the only one to pay would work is if McArthur and Fall River each had wells and the lines delivering water to each town were separate, They aren’t, therefore if the district wants a storage facility in McArthur everyone is going to have to pay for it.

Pedestrian hit crossing highway, dies at hospital

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A 62-year old Fall River Mills man died at Mercy Medical Center in Redding after being hit by a passing motorist Wednesday night.
According to Highway Patrolman J. Morton, Larry Howard was crossing to the north side of Highway 299 at 5th Street at approximately 5:10 p.m. He was not in a crosswalk. Jack Hayes, 64, of McArthur was westbound and struck Howard.

State triggers school cuts winners

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McARTHUR – The state of California has done what was expected and the Fall River Joint Unified School District will face cuts. The “trigger” will cut $328 million this year from California Schools. According to a press release from the California School Boards Association, “In an early release on revised revenue estimates, Governor Jerry Brown’s Department of Finance announced that revenues were $2.2 billion less than anticipated when the budget was enacted in June. Because the estimates are still below what was approved in June, cuts of nearly $1 billion will be triggered effective January 1. For K-12 it will result in a cut to home-to-school transportation of $248 million and a cut to revenue limits of $79.6 million.”
This will result on a cut from average daily attendance (ADA) equal to about $13.30 per ADA, which is about $15,000 for the local district. The big cut will be in transportation. The combined total of the transportation and revenue limit cut equates to about $55 per ADA on average. The indicated transportation cut is equal to 50 percent of the transportation budget, $264,000 for the FRJUSD.

District to fix pump

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BURNEY – One of the three lift station pumps has a broken casing and is out of service at the Burney Water District’s lift station on Black Ranch Road.
After lengthy discussion over whether to buy a new one and install it for approximately $40,000 or to do a temporary fix for under $10,000, the board gave District Manager Willie Rodriquez approval to spend what was necessary to get the old one fixed and start looking into possible replacement in the future.

Janelle Mix honored

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Janelle Mix, an employee at the Burney Safeway Store was presented with the Burney Fire Department’s Life Saver Award.
In presenting the award Chief Ray Barber noted that Mix had come to the aid of a customer who was bleeding profusely from a severe gash on the top of her foot. He said Mix managed to stop the bleeding, elevate and wrap the foot to prevent further
blood loss.

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