November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Day fire leaves one homeless

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McARTHUR — Firefighters from McArthur and Fall River Mills responded to a report of a structure fire on Pittville Road outside of McArthur at approximately 6:55 a.m. Thanksgiving Day. The first unit on scene reported that they had a fully involved single-wide mobile home.

Pam Giacomini announces candidacy

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Pam Giacomini, business woman from Hat Creek and Burney, has announced her candidacy for District Three Supervisor for Shasta County for the 2012 election year. Giacomini states, “I look forward to working with all of the residents of District Three in order to equitably represent them and to find much needed solutions for Shasta County”.
Giacomini, will term off of the State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection in January 2012, a position she was appointed to by the Governor in 2005. Prior to that appointment, she worked as a Legislative Advocate for California Farm Bureau Federation. Currently, she and her sister, Kathy Lakey own Century 21 Big Pines Realty in Burney, and she and her husband ranch in Hat Creek as well as market grass fed beef under the label Hat Creek Grown.
“The first challenge will be the primary in June,” Giacomini says, “I am looking forward to a straightforward campaign, listening to citizens of the district to learn of their concerns. “
Giacomini can be contacted by email:

Oak Run man electrocuted after crash

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OAK RUN – A 26-year old Oak Run man was electrocuted after he hit a power pole and tried to get out of his vehicle.
According to Highway Patrol officer S. Montgomery, Mark W. H. Tyree, allowed his vehicle to leave the roadway and hit a power pole on Oak Run to Fern Road east of Oak Run Road at 12:45 a.m. Friday.

Sophia is doing well

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Happy thanksgiving everybody. We are good. It is so wonderful to be with my parents, sister, husband and daughters. Sophia is good. She is sleeping in my arms. She is so beautiful. Both of my girls are. I have so much to be thankful for.
Natalie Kammerer

Editor’s note: Sophia was born June 7, 2011. Everyone thought she was okay. Then, on August 19, she almost died. her mom gave her CPR. She was flown to U.C. Davis and transferred to Stanford Medical Center where she was put on the list for a new heart.

Burney Fire warns State has changed SRA game plan

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By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
BURNEY – The Burney Fire District’s board met in a special meeting last Wednesday to discuss options after the State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection’s new ruling on the State Responsibility Area (SRA) Fee was posted.
That ruling redefined and broadened their earlier ruling of what constitutes a habitable structure and the amount of “Fee” they intend to levy against the taxpayers.
The new language keeps the original definition, but adds wording that broadens the
The old language defined “habitable structure” as a building that provides complete,
independent living facilities for more than one person, including provisions for living,
sleeping, eating, cooking and or sanitation.


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While I am noted for being full of manure, I have, over the years, worked diligently not to be covered with it. For that reason I have had the hard, fast rule of not being placed in the position of being the first car in a line behind a cattle truck – that was, until last Monday night.
We were en route to pick up last week’s issue from the press at about 5:30 when I ran into fog at the passing lane at Little Hatchet. By the time I started around the curve just west of Moose Camp Road, I could see exactly 2.5 yellow reflectors on the yellow line. It remained that way until I was past Windy Point Road on the Montgomery Creek Grade.
On the way back I spotted a couple of cattle trucks with more red lights on the back of them than the CHP have in their rear windows. I got a safe, not quite tail-gating distance behind, and stayed there. A third cattle truck passed three other cars and myself and cut into their line at the passing lane on the Drinking Fountain grade. Believe me,when we hit the fog again it having them in front was wonderful. I kept one eye on their tail lights and the other on the reflectors on the center line so I’d know it if they went straight when they should have curved. We made it back to Burney without incident and Donna didn’t have to pry my fingers off the steering wheel.
I don’t know who they were or who they were hauling for, but Thank you! And, thank you for having washed out your trailers before coming to pick up your loads.

November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day fire leaves on homeless

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Firefighters from McArthur and Fall River Mills responded to a report of a structure fire on Pittville Road atr approximately 6:55 a.m. Thanksgiving Day. The first unit on scene reported that they had a fully involved single-wide mobile home.
They had the fire contained within 20 minutes and were trying to get to the stubborn spots in the walls and flooring.
A neighbor said the residence belongs to Billy Brunson who lives there alone and was not home at the time of the fire.

November 21, 2011

McCammon seated on water board – district’s updated billing system in use

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By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
BURNEY – Tim McCammon was sworn in as the fifth member of the Burney Water District’s board of directors Thursday night.
A retired CDF Battalion Chief, past president of the Burney Rotary Club, past chairman of the Burney Pool Committee and 33-year resident of Burney, he is also active in a number or areas in the community including the Friends of the Burney Library.
District manager Willie Rodriquez gave the board a demonstration of what their new billing system, Billmaster 7 can accomplish that the old one, Billmaster 4 replaces. The district purchased the program upgrade because the company notified them that the program they had was obsolete and would no longer be serviced, staff has been training on the program for four days and will complete the training as the new bills are prepared.

Fall River MAC meets

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By Val Lakey
Mountain Echo reporter
McARTHUR – The local Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) met last week in continuing to work on priorities for the community.
Items that were discussed included an update on the Pit River Bridge, water pressure in McArthur and the proposed Solar Farm behind Ray’s Food Place.
Progress on the Pit River Bridge project was presented. Utilities, privately owned, using the old bridge will have to be moved at private expense. Current plans call for the old bridge to be destroyed once the new one is complete.

RCD introduces new web site

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By Val Lakey
Mountain Echo reporter
McARTHUR – The Fall River Resource Conservation District (RCD) wants to keep the community involved in what they are doing by making the public aware of the services and providing education on the area’s resources.
To help with this, the RCD has just completed a website that provides information regarding their program. Information regarding noxious weeds, including a reporting form, can be found on the site. Descriptions of current projects including the McArthur Swamp are also available. The new website is at

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