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February 2, 2016

 Mary Rickert Files for Supervisor Slot
Mary Rickert is officially announcing her candidacy for the office of District 3 Supervisor in Shasta County. Mary joins incumbent Pam Giacomini and challenger Janet Chandler in a three-way race that will have its first contest on June 7th this year.

Mary Rickert has been a resident of Shasta County for 42 years and owns Prather Ranch with her husband, Jim. She has chaired the Children’s Task Force Committee, participated as a member of the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), was a certified instructor for the Family to Family Understanding Course, served as a panelist for Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) for law enforcement and organized CIT trainings for county employees, a school district and first responders. In addition, Mary currently serves on the State of California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection as the range livestock representative and has a long history of achievements and involvement in the agricultural community.

PG&E is releasing water over Lake Britton Dam... Looking over the bridges railing at the roaring water and rising mist can give one a bad case of vertigo if they aren’t careful. The damp feel of the mist, the roar, force and sight of the water falling to the river bed below from the walkway at the edge of the road can be a heady experience.

Ambulance Goes on Ballot in May
By Diane Bouse
Contributing writer
ALTURAS — Tuesday January 26th’s meeting of the Modoc County Board of Supervisors saw the issue of an ambulance in Big Valley come up once again. A Public Hearing regarding the formation of the Southern Cascades Community Service District and calling for a Special Election was held.

Eric Rudnick, MD, Medical Director for NorModoc County (pictured right) CAO Chester Roberts summed it up, establishing a Special District, setting up a special tax and election of board members. David Allen, District 1 questioned “what is the value people will get for their money” Chester replied “the saving of lives.” James Wills, District 4 questioned why a Special Election in May was needed, when there will be a General Election in June. His concerns about reimbursement for the election and Lassen County’s role were put to rest by Stephanie Wellemeyer, Modoc County Clerk/Auditor.

Cal EMS, the overseeing agency for this area, spoke about time dependent issues. Cardiac and Stroke care to be specific. For strokes a mere 30 minute delay can mean no treatment to help the condition will be effective. For cardiac issues survival rate decreases 10% per minute when CPR and/or defibrillation is needed. He also spoke about “links in a chain”, when one ambulance is busy or removed, as the Adin Ambulance Station was, it affects everyone. As it stands now Big Valley is dependent on ambulances from either Modoc Medical Center or Mayers Memorial Hospital to respond. If those ambulances are responding to Big Valley they are no longer available in their own areas, on the reverse when they are busy in their areas or transporting out of the area they are not available to respond to Big Valley, causing a further delay for the patient.

Clinton Davis, chairman for the Big Valley EMS Working Group, read a letter from Doctor Dan Dahle. The most grabbing quote is “in a heart attack time is tissue, in a stroke time is brain” the longer it takes for care the more you lose.

Several other letters were read by various members of the Working Group. Including letters from the Family Resource Center in Big Valley, Tammy Babcockowner Big Valley Market, Harbert Oil and the Red Barn owner Cindy Harbert and Dave Jones CEO at Mountain Valleys Health Centers. Ann Lusk spoke about the concerns of her absentee landowner neighbor, Craig Hermsmeyer who said, “It is just the right thing to do” in regards to voting for the district and tax.
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Windmill Complaint Sent to Grand Jury
Second in a Series
One of the major complaints from members of the Burney community who made a complaint to this year’s Shasta County Grand Jury regarding the County’s use of the Hatchet Ridge Wind Project Community Benefit money was how the County Administrative Officer Larry Lees and the five members of the County Board of Supervisors have interpreted eligibility and thus dolled out monies from the fund.

The developer agreed to pay $1 million up front and $100,000 a year every year for 20 years to “ensure that the funds are used for purposes that will benefit the community of Burney, which surrounds the project.

It was generally recognized that the funds were part of an effort to mitigate the negative impact of the scenic quality of the mountain ridge immediately to the west of the town of Burney.

The group contends that from the start, the county has tried to channel the money into projects and areas contrary to the spirit and letter of the agreement by interpreting “the community of Burney” very loosely and benefiting the community as anything affecting the community, whether in part or in the totality of the effort.

The first real try to take and use the money for something other than the community of Burney was when the county tried to have the money redirected and used to pay for a county general plan simply explaining that a new general plan would benefit the people of Burney as well as those in the rest of the county.
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Communications and Morale Top Agenda
FALL RIVER MILLS — Mayers Memorial Hospital District CEO Louis Ward says the management team has been working on four different plans to improve performance, accountability, transparency and invest in the district’s personnel.

He says District Scorecards are at the printers. When received they will be posted in the Burney and Fall River facility’s board rooms. They will show the current number of long term, acute and swing patients. They will be updated regularly making management and staff aware of the current state of the district.

They have set up an accountability framework. The scorecard will include eight “must do”items giving them time to reach them and rewards for making the goals as well as giving them compensation for meeting the department’s goals and penalizing them if they don’t.

They have introduced a TEAM fund which provides managers with a way to recognize and support the employees. It is a fund that can be used at the manager’s discretion to provide simple gestures to the staff to show they are appreciated. Some ideas are bringing bagels in for morining shift or maybe pizza once-in-awhile to night shift.

The management teams at both Mayers and Mountain Valley’s will host joint executive meetings to share and work on joint issues and needs.

Ward says “investing in our people is a major focus of this administration as well as imperative to the long term success of the district to insure we are providing educational opportunities to our staff.”

Recently, he pointed out, They sent Public Affairs Officer Val Lakey to Anniston, Alabama to a Public Information Officer Course funded by FEMA.
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