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May 26, 2015

Rendevous was Great
It was perfect weather for the weekend Shelley Creek Rendezvous.
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Water and Sewer Rates Jump
By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
BURNEY — Like most public hearings revolving around rate increases in the Intermountain Area, few showed up. In the case of last Thursday’s Burney Water District meeting there were two who spoke to the issue. One was firmly against a rate increase and the other had a number of questions. A fourth listened without making comments. District Manager Willie Rodriguez told the board he had also received two letters of protest citing the burden an increase would put on people with fixed income. He said another person had talked to him, opposing the increase for basically the same reason.

The board unanimously passed the increase after they and Rodriguez had answered the questions and acknowledged the concerns. This year’s increase, the second in a five year plan, amounted to 8% for water and 20% for sewer. Last year the water increase was 10% and the sewer increase was 20%

For water most residential users will pay either $15.50 per month base rate plus 83¢ per 100 cubic feet of water used. The sewer rate is calculated by averaging the December 2014, January 2015 and February 2015 water usage. It is calculated by multiplying the average cubic feet of water used in those months by .017 and added to a base figure of $24.23.

Rodriguez said that the increase is justified for a number of reasons. The independent auditors doing the district’s annual district audit had noted a deficiency every year for a number of years because the district had been unable to budget replacement (depreciation) expense in their budgets, which meant that the district was not putting enough money aside to replace aging infrastructure such as pumps and pipes. Additionally the Shasta County Grand Jury had written the district up for not putting the depreciation aside.
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Abandoned Story Torn Down to Make Way for Dollar General

BURNEY — Once proud variety store, known as Sprouse Ritz and then Ben Franklin, disappeared from the center of town landscape Friday.

The once proud store had been abandoned after its roof fell in during the December 2012 ice and snow storm.

Construction planners associated with Dollar General Stores had researched the location’s potential and taken their plans through the local and county process, beginning demolition May 4. Now reduced to a few piles of rubble, construction on the new building is expected to follow immediately with an opening date for Dollar General in December.
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Four Busted by Joint Task Force
CASSEL — On May 21 at about 8:00 a.m., Shasta Interagency Narcotics Task Force (SINTF) agents along with agents from the Shasta County Marijuana Investigation Team (SMIT) and Deputies from the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Burney Division, served a Shasta County Superior Court Search Warrant at a residence located on Sand Pit Road in Cassel.

During the service of the search warrant agents detained 4 subjects later identified as; Kenneth Scott Elrod (shown left) 63 years old, Stephanie Louise Isbell 23 years old, Elizabeth Ann Bednar 42 years old, and Jayson Scott Elrod 38 years old. All subjects are from Cassel.

During the search of the location agents located about ½ pound of crystal methamphetamine which had been buried on the property. Agents also located packaging materials and evidence of sales of methamphetamine.
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Girl's Leg Broken in Vehicle Crash
Details weren’t immediately available on this crash in the Canyon Saturday, but a couple and their two granddaughters went off the roadway into the thick undergrowth. the 8-yearold was thrown from the vehicle and suffered a broken femur. A helicopter and fire rescue units from Round Mountain helped locate the vehicle.
3/4 Irrigated Farmland Loses 80% of Water
SACRAMENTO-According to survey results released today by the California Farm Water Coalition, almost threequarters of the state’s 9.6 million acres of irrigated farmland has had its water supply cut by at least 80 percent and 44 percent will receive no contracted surface water deliveries at all in 2015.

California farmers within the survey area are seeing a loss of an additional 941,000 acre-feet from the scarce supplies they received in 2014.

In 2014, 5.8 million acres of Central Valley farmland from Redding to Bakersfield received about 4.2 million acrefeet of water. This year that amount has fallen to 3.3 million acre-feet.

The new numbers were part of comments presented today by Coalition Executive Director Mike Wade at a State Water Resources Control Board workshop in Sacramento.

“The steep water supply cuts have caused hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland to be fallowed in both 2014 and again this year,” Wade said. “Satellite data reported by the State Department of Water Resources and NASA in a November 2014 drought update showed drought-related fallowing encompassing as much as 692,000 acres more than levels seen in 2011, California’s most recent wet year. 
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