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April 14, 2015

Is it Spring or Just April Weather?
The wind was whipping Monday afternoon on Glenburn Road in the Fall River Valley giving an added dimension to the trees’ newly acquired foliage

Hand Glider Seriously Injured
HAT CREEK — A hang glider was seriously injured Saturday afternoon.

Details were not available at press time Monday, but the Shasta County Sheriff’s Department received a call at 2:49 p.m. from a woman who said a hang glider had gone into the rocks on the Hat Creek Rim off Doty Road.

They received a second report from the Highway Patrol dispatch.

Hat Creek Volunteer Firefighters were dispatched along with County Fire and the Burney Ambulance.

The victim was flown to a trauma center in Redding by the Highway Patrol helicopter with initial reports of a broken hip and lacerations.
Former Cloverdale Mayor Honored
Fall River Mills resident Bob Jehn was honored in Sonoma County Tuesday as the Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit District (SMART) took delivery on its first passenger railcar set.

Jehn, who is a former Mayor in the City of Cloverdale, was President of SMART in 2007, and played a major role in moving the project forward with the passage of a local sales tax ballot measure in that year.

The project has been in the works since the 1980’s, when the Southern Pacific Railroad opted to abandon the right of way, which was subsequently acquired by the Marin and Sonoma Counties.

Tuesday’s ceremony at the newly completed station in Cotati kicks off a year of activity culminating in the initiation of passenger rail service between the Sonoma County Airport and San Rafael, with a dozen stops in between. The line will eventually run from Cloverdale to the Larkspur Ferry connecting to San Francisco.
LAFCo Exec’s Contract Not Renewed
By Loretta Carrico-Russell
Mountain Echo reporter
Where did the money go? A local agency is trying to determine where its surplus capital went. The Shasta Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) is working feverishly to determine its budget situation and what happened to a large surplus it once had.

It is unclear how the money was spent and by whom at this time, said James Underwood, LAFCo attorney. As a result of the 2012 audit, reported in 2013, there was between $60,000 and $70,000 surplus discovered that surprised the Commission.

The Commission was again surprised when former executive officer, Jan Lopez (pictured right), reported there was a $60,000 shortfall at the April 2 meeting, Underwood explained. “How did we get from there to where we are now,” he questioned.

So far, the fiscal committee and Kathy Bull, the office manager, have not been able to substantiate the shortfall claim; however, LAFCo is facing fiscal challenges and will barely make it to July 1 when the new fiscal year begins, Underwood said. The committee will have to decide the level of services LAFCo will provide between now and then. “The sky is not falling,” Underwood said, adding so far he has not found evidence to substantiate Lopez’s dire claims.
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Injured Woman Flown to Reno After Major Delays
ADIN — An Adin woman swerved to miss an antelope and rolled several times April 14.

Dorothy Ford, 65, was eastbound on Highway 299 at Schoolhouse Road at approximately 3 p.m. She was doing approximately 65 mph. when she swerved and went into an irrigation ditch and rolled several times.

While rolling, her arm went outside of the window and was seriously injured. She ended up pinned in the vehicle when it came to rest.

Mayers Memorial Hospital’s ambulance responded from Fall River Mills, approximately 50 miles away and because of the apparent seriousness of the injuries called for an air ambulance after arriving and evaluating the patient. They weren’t able to reach one out of Redding, so one was dispatched out of Susanville.

The air ambulance crew, unable to communicate with Redding, flew her to Reno.

The worst of her injuries, which were thought to be major at the time, turned out to be primarily a fractured hand.

Season's First Mosquito Hatch Found
Rick Dougherty, District Manager of the Burney Basin Mosquito Abatement District has noted on the report portion of the district’s upcoming board meeting that he has discovered larvae in the district. That discovery will start this seasons control efforts.
The Mosquito season is here, and the State has declared the week of April 19 -25 as Mosquito Awareness Week.

The Managers of both Burney and Pine Grove Mosquito Abatement Districts want everyone to realize that West Nile Virus, carried by mosquitoes caused 31 deaths in California last year, the worst year in the history of the disease. Young children and the elderly and ill are the most susceptible.

Either way a person looks at it, mosquitoes bite, they leave welts, they itch and are uncomfortable, so it doesn’t really matter whether your number comes up in the mosquitoes’ West Nile Virus lottery or not, no one really wants to take the chance or sit around until late fall, scratching or putting on Colamine Lotion.

It isn’t that hard to reduce if not eliminate your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes. Use mosquito repellent regularly, especially late in the afternoon and evenings. Wear long-sleeved shirts, stay away from mosquito breeding areas such as marshes and other areas of standing water. Eliminate the sources where you live: dump the water out of old tires, cans, drums and barrels in the yard, get mosquito fish for ornamental ponds, keep swimming pools clean, change the water in pet drinking bowls, and be aware of and eliminate any sources of standing water that you come across.

To make it easier to deal with tires, Les Schwab Tire Center in Burney will take your old car and light truck tires for $2 each.

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